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  • Look at https://www.albarose.co.uk. Amazing value, good quality rings including bespoke. My engagement ring (£164 26 years ago) started falling apart so we recently ordered a replacement (very different) ring from their Bluewater shop. They are also remodelling my (original cost £20) wedding ring using the original ring, the gold from my engagement ring and some of the diamonds that haven't fallen out of the original engagement ring, this us because my ring has worn and gas sharp edges that cut my finger ��. I would definitely get some idea from your girlfriend before choosing a ring - personally I ONLY like yellow gold.
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    The most for your money is a happy bride-&-mother. So in this case, include her in all discussions, assist her getting around all the shops as well as websites & pick a ring that can be resized if her pregnant fingers are a little larger than they ordinarily might be.

    (I had to take my wedding ring off & hated that - so whatever you get, do check it can be sized down later if she so desires.)

    May you together find the token that says "us" in the language you share!
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    If you want the best bang for you buck look around for online Diamond Traders, I found it to be the cheapest option when I proposed to my now wife 10 years ago. I was based in Australia at the time and used http://www.diamondexchange.com.au/ but I'm sure there will be reputable UK dealers who offer the same service.

    Make sure you do your research on the trader and the diamond grading systems, GIA and AGS were well regarded when I made my purchase, in fact the stone I bought came with certificates from both of those organisations.

    Your stone should also come laser inscribed with the serial number of the applicable diamond certificates. Each time you drop off the ring to a jeweller they'll log the code on your receipt and it's easy enough to verify you have received the same stone back when you collect your ring ;)

    I had the stone initially verified/appraised by the jeweller who set it for us, make sure you have this done before the stone is set as otherwise they'll have to pull the stone to appraise it.

    If you get the right jeweller they should be able to set the stone in a basic setting for you to propose with, then you can head back in so the better half can choose what sort of ring she want's.

    The industry is slightly cleaner now than when I purchased but you may also want to look at the original source of the stone, I purchased a CanadaMark Stone to ensure I wasn't unwittingly supporting some tinpot African generals war :eek:

    I was more than happy with the valuation I received for the completed ring :D

    I'd previously priced similar stones and settings at reputable Sydney and Brisbane jewellers, and by priced I mean after some lengthy negotiations not just a walk in price, and by going down the DIY route I saved about 35%, which at the time was enough to cover the cost of our 12 week honeymoon in Thailand :beer:

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    +1 for Blue Nile. Purchased an engagement ring from them around 6 years ago now, platinum, excellent colour/clarity and the rest and just the finish I wanted. It came with all certificates, arrived within days and was significantly cheaper than the high street. It's a useful site just to browse and see what you get for your £££.

    I think ours came to ~£1k.

    The Great Declutter Challenge - £876 :)

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    Best value is second hand, even if you buy second hand ring remove diamonds to put in a new ring, still better value buying this way.
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    PenguinJim wrote: »
    That's a horrible thing to say. I am quite sure that 90% of women are not that shallow!

    If a person commits to another person, to promise to spend the rest of their lives together, to work together through life's challenges, and to grow old together, that's brilliant, and so wonderful and special. But then losing a month's salary on a rock that has been dug out of the ground and literally does nothing that a zirconia can't do is... well, whenever I read about the fact that this new "tradition" continues, I'm staggered. Might as well buy a square kilometer of land on Venus for her (hmmm... that gives me an idea for a marketing campaign!).

    £2000 budget? How about £1990 to charity to feed some of the millions of poverty-stricken children or help war refugees, plus a receipt from the charity to prove that you're not so gullible as to be suckered in by an eighty-year-old diamond ad campaign, and a £10 band of metal for her finger (or spend a little more for a built-in compass and GPS tracker! Actually make it useful!).

    The ring should be a symbol of love and commitment. Buying a diamond symbolises throwing money away (ask in the Savings & Investments subforum if you're not sure about that). If you are so impressed by shiny things, how about a nice reflective jacket?

    Alternatively, instead of popping to a shop and picking up a diamond ring (which anyone with a credit card could do in a minute, and hardly makes you special), actually do something interesting about the ring, like the two of you designing and crafting a truly unique ring together? If you're going to be sheep, be AWESOME sheep! :D (Plus, you could use the equipment in future to make rings for other people and earn a bit of extra cash, and it will have paid for itself! What a fantastic MSE way to do it!)

    (Text removed by MSE Forum team)

    Let people enjoy their lives and display their commitments in their own way. Your comments are of absolutely no use to the OP whatsoever.

    I'm sure there must be a few things you own which you could sell up and then aim the raised cash at charities of your choice.

    Get on with doing that if it's a major concern of yours.

    To the OP.... The jewellery quarter in Birmingham is worth a trip if you are able to get there. Many places to discuss getting something made to your own design. The smaller independant dealers are more likely to do a deal also.

    Good luck with whatever you choose, your future and the little one on the way.
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    Honestly...for that money I'd find the diamond ring of my dreams and have it reproduced in cubic zirconia - does the actual value matter? Saves on the human cost of the diamond and the rest can be donated to charity or spent as you would wish. Everyone's a winner, and importantly no-one suffers.

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

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  • If you are having one made I would say it would be more expensive than buying one off the shelf. Have you thought about second hand rings? Jewellers ofetn have these or 'vintage' rings. You get alot more for your money than buying new and they look just as good!
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    As already stated, £2000 is a lot of money when expecting.
    I would hate to be in a position where pawning the ring was an option to pay debts.

    But I don't know your finances and if you want an expensive ring then go for it.
    I was always told, spend the money on the stone rather than the band and mentioned before you can reset a stone in another ring or make it into something else, whilst keeping the sentiment.
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    I have quite an expensive engagement ring. We got it from Samara James, you can design your own or pick the clarity of diamond, cut, etc and then choose a band you like.

    We ended up designing my wedding and eternity ring on there too as we couldn't find anywhere to beat the price.

    Congratulations and don't let people say you should spend less, or save the money for anything else . If you have the money, then do your research and you'll end up with an amazing purchase.
    Forty and fabulous, well that's what my cards say....
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