Adult minimum wage to rise by 19p per hour



  • lickybits
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    i feel they should of raised the tax allowance to £14,000 so anyone on minimum wage wouldn't have to pay taxes and then scrap tax credits all together..

    when i left school 30 years ago there wasn't tax credits, why should the tax payer help subsidize company's not willing to pay a decent wage?

    and as for this 0 hour contract don't get me started, why have these so called agency's been allowed to continue?, and you never hear anything about agency's when ever work is discussed on TV?

    Agency's should be shut down and company's forced to employ people directly, how are people expected to contribute to pensions, provide security for family's, young people buy there first homes with these 0 hour contract agency's?

    the government have got young people having to stay on at school until there 18, more children going onto further education for what? to leave university in there middle twenties for minimum wage jobs with £30,000+ debts, having to live with there parents because they can't afford to rent or buy, the politicians should hold their heads in shame.

    when i left school there was 3+ million unemployed, blue collar workers were losing jobs in the manufacturing industry to robots, large machinery, now those manufacturing jobs which were reasonably paid have been replaced by low paid service industry jobs (warehouse, shop, hotel) and now white collar industry jobs which traditionally paid better than the blue collar working jobs are under threat through technology and older generations either through necessity or choice staying in work because they can't afford to retire.

    theirs a lost generation of very clever, intelligent, well educated children leaving higher education for what? work in low paid service industry's?

    the government paints this picture of lazy unemployed people who don't want to work, but whenever a good company advertises positions its inundated often 10+ applications for every position, people especially young people want to work just not for agency's.

    how can someone whos on benefits be expected to take a 0 hour contract on £6.50 per hour and come of guaranteed benefits, i worked for 1 year for one of these agency's and they treat you little more than a slave, some days i received no more than 1-3 days work a week, i received £22 in tax credits per week and was worse of than when i was unemployed but because of the social stigma i put up with it, im now self employed, manage on less than £100 a week and would probably be better of on benefits, and the government talks about work paying....bah
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