Advice needed on clearish "stuff" to make fake ice (for a small lego ice rink)

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I've created an ice rink out of lego (to match an ongoing winter lego project/gift). I have some stuff that I think would have been used on xmas trees, so clear shimmery strands that imitate shimmery ice from an ice rink, but I'm stuck on what medium to use to actually create the ice from. It's a permanent fixture, so something like glue wouldn't be a problem to use.

I don't know if I can explain better, but think a elongated circular lego rink, 3 bricks high, aiming to use 1 or 2 height brick of "stuff" to create a solid looking "ice" with these strands dispersed in between this "stuff". Off hand from memory it's about 20 x 30 size wise in lego bricks, so not a large one, just a small one, regarding filling it up with something.

All bricks are glued, so no leakage happens, and I've tried PVA glue, which supposedly dries clear but it didn't work. I filled it up to required height in the rink, and it took weeks to dry but it pretty much all disappeared. I expected it to dry to one solid lump. I have no idea where it went o,O

Can anyone suggest any medium I can use that might give the results I need. I am now stuck at the almost end of this project :rotfl:


  • xNinax
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    You could try Mod Podge Dimensional Magic which dries clear with a slight sparkle or Ice Resin which also dries clear.
  • Dark_Star
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    What about a couple of layers of clear or blue tinted plexiglass? You could sandwich the other stuff between them?

    Or a thin bit of mirror glass cut to size?

    I used to have something to make fake water for model making but chucked it out & now cannot remember what it was. American possibly. Something you poured out & let set....

    Did find this though - any good?

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  • Lifeforms
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    These are all brilliant ideas.

    I can't do anything solid like sheets of glass/plexiglass as I have studs coming up in a couple of sections (for a shark to sit on, and a lego ice skater minifig as well) but the video has given me links to named modelling which is the sort of water I need, so I'm going to go and investigate those recommended products (aside hot melted plastic as that would melt the lego base).
  • aeb_2
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    Years ago my dad made a model pond and used melted boiled sweets.

    It worked well and lasted ages. We then experimented with all sorts and made 'stained glass' shapes which we hung on the Christmas tree.

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  • glynisrose
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    I saw a demo of making a fountain using 3d glue gel it really looked like water!! Maybe you could try Pinflair or similar?
  • sethsgran
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    Could you make it using clear pony beads, melt in the oven in a baking tin the size you need. Smell is awful so you must leave your back door open but great effect when done. I made sun catchers this way and they looked fantastic.
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  • Lifeforms
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    I'm not going to be able to do anything hot as I have a lego plate as the base, which would melt. But following through the links has found me something from WOODLAND SCENICS, which is a water kit and sounds like it'll do the job. I just need to find out whether it's a heat up job.
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    Ring a model shop & ask what they suggest & have in stock for a river on a model railway layout? They should have the knowledge you need if not the product!
  • julie03
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    What about acrylic gel mediums
  • Alfies
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    There is a product called Epoxy resin & hardener which sets clear I think, I know I bought some a few years ago but had no idea what it was for except it looked like a crafting substance with its own syringe-style tube so I bought it & looked up its use later. I still have my tube, unopened, unused & under the pile of other crafty stuff I just had to have just because I just had to have it. Please check online for the uses of epoxy as I am often wrong & think I know things about the crafty stuff I've got but there's so much of it I sometimes know the right things about the wrong products. Your project sounds great with or without fake ice anyhow...I am sure you will get the right stuff that has the absolute best effect when it comes to looking like ice!
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