Back to work blues!

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I am due to go back to work mid April after the birth of my second son who will be 6.5months old. I just dont want to go. I hated my job in the first instance but now dont want to leave my boys. Plus, even with childcare vouchers from my employer, childcare will take a good 45% of my wage.

Trouble is, what I do is very specialised - Road Safety Engineer for my local Council so my only option if I want to go into another job at the same level is to work for another County which is impossible in terms of childcare and increased travelling costs and time.

Anyone else in similar boat? I want to enjoy the last of my leave but getting too stressed about it!


  • continualdiamond
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    Not totally in the same situation as you. Difference being I totally love my job but am anxiously waiting to hear back to if they have agreed my part time request. I have asked for 3 days and it will break my heart if they say no as it of course means going back full time.

    I'm returning on the 23rd May. Being a bit sneaky like everyone else who has had a baby in that I work in a school so am working 1 day before May 1/2 term, then off for a week then working 7 1/2 weeks and then it's summer holidays

    I know for me if I didn't return to my job I would have to repay back the 12 weeks I got at 1/2 pay.

    Hope it all works out for you. Like you said you want to enjoy the last bit of your leave. It definitely goes far too quickly.
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  • penguin83
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    I have been back about 6 weeks now after my third baby. I don't hate my job, but I loved my 11 months maternity leave so much I was dreading going back. No stress, no strain and we could do what we wanted, when we wanted. Going back hasn't been too bad. I am knackered and stressed again now but not to the extent I was before I had number 3. I really, really miss maternity leave so don't worry about work now and enjoy the last few weeks. xx
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    I've been back 6 months now, and have just applied for a new job closer to home, a few less hours, less travel and hopefully less stress but also less money. It's not a job in my current profession but something similar and also means i'll have the time to take on some private work in my current profession. Its hard for those first few weeks but you soon get back into the routine of things very quickly.
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    can you learn to do something else? Or transfer to something different?
  • Metranil_Vavin
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    Bumping this thread again as I am back to work tomorrow after nearly 11 months of maternity leave with my second child.

    I have enjoyed it a lot this time as I have felt a lot more relaxed about what I did with my time and haven't felt so compelled to rush about to this group and that activity like I did with my son.

    Dreading going back at the commute is so horrible (South London to Guildford), and it's going to be awful for my OH as he is going to have to get 2 kids up and ready for nursery plus drop them both there on foot (good 25 min walk) before he heads off to work.

    Fortunately I am only part time (3 days a week), but for the amount of money I'll actually bring home after tax and childcare etc, it's negligible as to how worth it, it really is...

    Going to give it a few months and see how I go, and try and come up with a plan B in the meantime!
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