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Just found out I am pregnant. What is hte next step? Help!

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Dear all,

Please help me with advice or point into the rightdirection. I had a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks ago, phoned my GP and shesaid there is no need for her to see me, I should self refer to any hospital I choose.

Ok, I started to google “how to decide on hospital” and allwebsites tell that I should ask advice from my midwife. I don’t have anymidwife! Where do I get one? According to web sites GP was supposed to give mean information but she didn’t. She refused to see me at all.

I feel fine, but I don’tknow how long I am pregnant. What do I do? Please help me and let me know whatare the steps I should do,

I live in London.


  • claire16cclaire16c Forumite
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    Normally the GP will refer you to a midwife, who will then arrange for you to have a booking in appt at around 8-10 weeks. Call your gp back and ask for them to do this.
  • CrabappleCrabapple Forumite
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    Speak to you drs surgery. They should either have a midwife attached to the surgery or contact details for the midwife team for you area. You won't normally see a doctor if things go smoothly, but they should at least give you the details.

    Congratulations x
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  • The first thing I had when I fell pregnant was a doctors appointment. I just made an emergency appointment at my surgery, without telling them it was due to a pregnancy or anything, and once I got in there I said I think I might be pregnant and they discussed my options and did a referral right there and then.

    It sounds like your doctors surgery is fobbing you off - they are definitely the ones at this early stage who should be advising you.
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  • amalisamalis Forumite
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    Just called GP again. They insist that the hospital will provide me with a midwife, not a gp.
    How do I pick one? :( I am in west london
  • Why don't you select a hospital (based on convenience so one close to you) and give them a call to ask if they will allocate a midwife? If this is the case ask them where to get more info / help deciding which hospital to choose.

    I would think at this stage what hospital you choose is related to where you have your scans. I would hope you could review which hospital to have your baby at nearer the end of your pregnancy once you know a bit more about them!
  • emz118emz118 Forumite
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    I was due to have my baby last Weds... still waiting!!!

    When I found out I was pregnant I was changing Drs, so saw a nurse to go through my medical history. I mentioned to him that I was pregnant and asked what to do next. He checked the dates (NHS website) and told me to book an appointment with the midwives attached to the surgery at 8 weeks.

    My friend who is also pregnant sees her midwife at her surgery.

    This is the NHS page that may help...

    If not, I think I would ring the labour ward or women's hospital at your most local hospital and see what they suggest.
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  • Poppie68Poppie68 Forumite
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    Not all surgeries have midwives attached to them...the surgery i used to work at did have midwives but they were not exclusive to our patients. Try and find another surgery in your area that has midwives and ask to make a 'booking appointment'.
    Just a note our patients didn't get referred to the midwives all expectant mothers self referred, non patients made their bookings through the hospital for the intial appointment then the midwives booked them into the sugery for subsequent appointments.
    If you have trouble speak to one of your surgeries receptionists they should be able to give you the correct information.
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    debsy42debsy42 Forumite
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    I think you can self refer to any hospital, just as an example I googled Hammersmith Hospital and there are several different ways (refer to this service option)

    You'll been given a date to attend for your initial booking where the midwife will go through all your family, medical and partners history etc and then your care will go from there. To be honest you don't really need a GP referral, one of the few services that doesn't really need GP input.
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  • sulkisusulkisu Forumite
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    Contact the maternity unit at your local hospital as that is probably where your baby will be born. You can date your pregnancy relatively accurately using the date of your LMP and one of the online calculators. To be honest there is little to be done at this stage of your pregnancy, but if you tell us which London Borough you are in, some of us might be able to point you in the right direction.

    PS - congratulations!
  • amalisamalis Forumite
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    I am in Ealing.
    So is that normal that I will not be seen before week 10?Thats what i see from NHS web site.
    Midwife should see me on week 8 ,but its just talking, no tests..What if somethings goes wrong, isnt week 10 too late to detect?
    Blood samples no need?
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