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  • Emphasis on the word CAN - not seen that so far myself but only 2 weeks in. It has potential and I will persevere, no paid jobs for me within 30 miles for level 2 currently.

    Also what would you consider a LOT of money?

    £1000+ earned with them - stick with it to the higher levels when you get access to takeaway checks, drinks checks, magazine checks and much more
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    All good until someone else comes along who lives closer to where the visits are and swipes them every week before you even wake up!

    I've emailed the team and inbox'd them, and the reply I received was more or less "tought !!!!!". I asked if they would put the flower visits on rotation, so if you did them one week you would not be able to do them the next week, and the response was "no".

    It was an OK application to start off with but it's more a waste of time now. I will PayPal my earnings and then uninstall.

    That's the same with field agent, people can always come along and take the jobs before you do.. Hazard of the job I suppose
  • Hello,

    There are a good number of questions around how much you can do with such apps. The answer is simple:

    - it depends on the effort you put into it
    - it depends on the number of tasks made available
    - it depends on the number of other users in your area.

    Since I only recently join Roamler to completement my income when Field Agent activity is low, I can't really comment on much you can do with Roamler but I can very well tell you about Field Agent because I'm one of their top 10 UK users.

    I'm lucky enough to be in an area with only few big users so I tend to do most of jobs in my area. Whenever there is a big batch on, I hit the road for the entire day, start at 7am and finish at 8pm and I can manage up to 60 tasks a day (I sometimes drive over 100 miles in a day), each paying between £4.5 and £5. 10% of my earnings go into filling up the tank.

    I do that maybe 3 or 4 days in a month plus a few jobs here and there to achieve a monthly income that varies between £500 and £700.

    You may ask why not do that full time then. Well there are only so many tasks to be done and they don't come indefinitely. There is a point where profitability drops because of the distance between the different locations, so I don't bother. I tend to do clusters, book 10 jobs in an area, complete them, book next 10 and so on.

    Unlike Roamler, Field Agent very rarely offers unpaid jobs. They actually pay between £4 and £5 plus refund for whichever job that requires a purchase.

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    Be careful with Roamler I did one of their tasks it was the quiz one I triple checked every answer and they still rejected it, I complained told them I used their FAQ and that if my answers were incorrect it is because their FAQ is to ambiguous and I got a long sorry message back saying to resubmit as they were wrong! I still haven't because I don't know to trust them
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    I'm currently in an argument with Roamler about flowers of all things, took a photo yesterday with two large chrysanthemums in but Roamler are insisting they are some other flower (but can't name it). On the whole though Roamler has been ok for passing a bit of time and earning a bit of extra cash.

    I'm new to both Roamler (4 weeks, level 2 £25 earned) and Field agent (7 weeks, £88 earned) and am using them both as a bit of a holiday saving fund, they both have their niggles and I've had more stuff rejected on Roamler but on the whole I think I'll carry on with them both. I doubt I'll ever get to the stage of doing more than four or five jobs in a day for either but that's fine by me and they do seem to be fairly regular.
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    Im afraid I'm having bad experiences with Roamler too. It was fine when I was only doing tasks to get experience, but I tried to accept my first paid job (ice-cream task) and there is no facility in the app to read the barcode which they require! I then try a few weeks later for another (banana task) and they rejected it. I have no idea why, as I followed the brief to the letter and the photo was clear. I tried again to do it today and the app failed to send due to poor mobile phone signal. I assumed I would just be able to send the info when I got home. But I have found that the app has lost all my data and they say you can only complete in the location because they need to verify your location. I said this is fine if you live in a city, but I live in a very rural area and even in my local town where I was trying to complete the job, signal is dodgy. So they ask if I have 4G- like heck, 4G isn't coming here for months and I doubt it will make any difference! So I think I'm done with Roamler- all in all a complete and utter waste of time!
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    I've done the banana task and too was feeling awkward about taking the picture, I phoned my sister and started speaking to her while doing it and we came to a conclusion that why should we be embarrassed, I mean why is it a problem if you wanna take a picture of bananas :P my task got accepted and I have been paid for it, so far I haven't had any problems with ROAMLER and I will keep using it :)
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    Another one who might give up on roamler.... Sent the task from the car park of the location. Literally five metres from the door and they have rejected it as couldn't verify location!

    Did a quiz and failed that too basically said that because I hadn't cheated and looked at the answers on Facebook I could not have the points!
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    Third time lucky I got them to accept a banana task! Also did a World Cup one the other day which paid immediately. Have been doing a number of tasks just to gain experience points, but finding that more often than not they are rejected for seemingly VERY pernickety reasons!!! You have to read their briefs extremely carefully and sometimes take them VERY VERY literally. I will keep on trying with them, but they are never going to be a good earner, as none of their jobs are usually in my region because I don't live near an Aldi. Hoping this may change as I go up the levels.
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    I've started using this over the past few days. Some of the unpaid tasks are a bit odd, but are needed to build up points in order to get paid jobs. I'm going to stick with it for now though - the banana task was easy to do and an easy £2. Shame that they charge an admin fee for getting fees when there's under £20 to be paid.
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