Family holiday costs ‘should fall’ with school break changes

"The cost of family holidays at peak times could fall as English schools are given more control on setting term dates..."
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Family holiday costs ‘should fall’ with school break changes


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  • WestonDaveWestonDave Forumite
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    Having Heinz 57 varieties of school holidays will just make the situation worse - with practicality rather than finance being the driver for term time holidays.

    For example at Easter in a few weeks my kids school holidays are the two weeks leading up to the Easter weekend with them going back the day after Easter Monday - whilst my sisters kids are off two weeks with Easter weekend in the middle. That means there is only one week overlap if we wanted to go away together - fine if we go for a week but not for a fortnight.

    The real problem is that for historic reasons everyone in Europe had August off for harvest, which means that not only are we all in the UK trying to find cheap holidays in August, the rest of Europe are looking at the same weeks in the same resorts.

    So the solution is to divide our school year up in such a way that we end up with 4 shorter terms (with half terms in the middle) evenly spread with the holiday more evenly spaced. (I did draft up a timetable once and it could work well). What this would mean is that everyone in the UK would be off at once making planning sensible but we'd not be clashing with the rest of Europe so the demand on hotels in the Med, Spain etc would be lower when we are looking to book.

    (The other point being that most schools will simply follow the current pattern so no improvement will happen anyway under the current proposals/changes!)
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  • The problem with autonomy of terms is that whilst it may solve the problem of holiday prices ( something I actually doubt unless there is a fundamental switch ) the issue simply become trying to balance childcare demands.

    If you have two children in one area going to 2 different schools (ages and school configuration only) and they start changing their school terms means a 6 week summer holiday become an 7-8 week summer holiday with overlap and even more difficulties.

    It would have been better if the LEAs had been grouped and then according to that group the holiday set out!

    Before some say that already happens in some areas I refer to my point at the start and would say neither solution will significantly affect the holiday costs.

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  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    In other news.....

    "Adults without children face increased costs for child free holidays because of the fewer opportunities outside school holidays. They accuse hotels of cashing in and are thinking of starting an e-petition to lobby the government. "
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  • tomtontomtomtontom
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    They tried changing the school holidays in Nottingham and it was met with resistance from both teachers and parents, the logistics of the situation were impossible. Further anyone that thinks such a move would lead to lower holiday prices is deluded - it just means the peak would stretch over an even longer period.
  • jackieblackjackieblack Forumite
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    "Family holiday costs ‘should fall’ with school break changes "

    "The cost of family holidays at peak times could fall as English schools are given more control on setting term dates..."
    Spot the difference?

    I know which my money would be on........
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  • JodyBPMJodyBPM Forumite
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    Surely it makes absolute sense for holidays to be more expensive in the school holidays - I don't see what's wrong with that?

    It's just like train travel is more expensive when there is more demand for it - i.e. peak hours.

    And Toby carveries charge more on a Sunday than they do during the week - because there is more demand.

    Lunch menu special offers which are not available in the evening - when they have more customers.

    Some Tesco delivery slots are more expensive than others - because they are more popular.

    I can't understand all this fuss about holidays. If you can't afford one, don't take one, or downgrade to what you can afford. Instead of going abroad for a fortnight in term time, cut it down to a week in the school holidays. Or instead of a week on the Costa Del Sol in the term time, try caravanning or camping in the UK for a week in the school holidays.

    I say this as a parent of school age children, who has never taken her children out of school to holiday in term time.

    I just don't see what all fuss is about - a holiday isn't essential, its a luxury. Nice to have, certainly, but its not necessary to have one every year.
  • prowlaprowla Forumite
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    It's supply and demand...

    Also, are prices increased during school holidays or are they reduced between?

    I guess if places have lots of empty spaces between, then the argument could be put forward that they are reduced to encourage business.
  • walace58walace58 Forumite
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    all the travel firms will do is put up the prices in the weeks prior and after the standard school holidays.
    This will mean those without children and don't want them around tehm when on holidays will have less weeks to go away!
  • Is anyone seriously imagining that prices will fall if holiday dates are spread out? I'm pretty sure they will simply all rise to the same level for an even longer period of time!

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  • tori.ktori.k Forumite
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    Still doesn't touch the actual issue for a lot of family's that time is the problem not money, you can save a little longer for a holiday but no point if annual leave for workers is only available during term time all that will happen with this is the prices will rise during the lower/shoulder months and maybe a £10 less during the summer months making holidays less affordable all round for everybody..But I suppose misery loves company god forbid anybody has something else that someone covets.
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