Am i able to get out of Business Gas Contract

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Hi Guys i desperately need some advice. A few years ago now i started working for myself along a business partner offering Web Design services and because i work from home signed up for a gas and electric business contract with CNG.

Last October i got my usual renewal letter and a call from uswitch and went through the process of getting a good deal and i was preparing to switch from my CNG to a new one in february, so this month i get my gas bill and its shockinh £140 (for the month!!!!) so i contact CNG and long story short i didnt send in the cancellation letter so im stuck with there extortionate rates of 4.9p per kw/ph. from last years 4.2p. Upon complaining i was told they could offer a deal for a 2 year contract and yesterday i opened an email at 5 o clock saying they can offer me a 2 year contract at a still expensive 4.5p but the offer was only valid upto 4:30 that i missed it anyway.

So anyway around xmas time i have also basically parted ways with my old business patner which my gas business contract is named under. What I want to know is, am i now able to get out of the contract with this supplier saying i no longer work for this company ? basically making the contract void. Or is there anything else i can do and how would i go about doing this ?

Please help :(


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    There are some new rules protecting 'micro-businesses' designed to stop the abuse by these supply companies.

    I suggest you read the business section of this ofgem website and seek advice from them for your particular situation.
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    Is the company you formed with your ex partner still trading? If your partner has left and the company is still trading with you as sole partner, then yes the company is liable.
    If that company has now ceased trading, then any debt is to that company, not to your present one.
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  • ok ill read that thanks

    Yes my ex partner still trades under that name seperate to me but already has her own contract for a gas supplier. Just to clarify im not trying to get out of paying the bill here i just want to get out of the expensive rate contract ive been caught in and as its under a compnay name i no longer work with i wan to know if i can get out of it without it affecting my ex-partner.
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