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Current open fire is leaking smoke fumes. Clear that this has been a previous problem as an extra line of bricks has been added to the top of the opening. This has now come down so I have been looking again at options.

House is thatched so insurance co. are nervous about any change from open fire.

Thought about a stove which would be the most expensive option (>£3000) and the most probmatical due to opening size and angle of flue.

Cheapest option would be to rebuild top brick layer and possibly add layer of brick in bottom of hearth to reduce opening size.

Third option would be a convector inset to improve heat into room and fix smoke issue, this would also keep the open fire. (£2000).

I have looked back 25 pages and cannot find anything on the convector open fires, brand would be a Jetmaster.

Any one have any feedback on these.

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