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Lufthansa claim

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y2jammiey2jammie Forumite
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I'm currently in the middle of a compensation claim for a cancelled flight with Lufthansa that brought about more than a 2 hour delay to my arrival back in the UK.

Has anyone had any compensation claims / success with Lufthansa before?


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    Needs to be three hours or more to qualify, y2jammie. How late were you?
  • As far as I am aware from MSE website - its more than 3 hours for a delay, more than 2 hours for a cancellation.
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    y2jammiey2jammie Forumite
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    Following my claim for compensation, I had the following response from Lufthansa - doesn't look like I can take it any further?

    Even though I've been on flightstats website and my flight was the only one cancelled departure from Dusseldorf within 5 hours of my scheduled departure time? I think they're lieing?

    We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused due to the fact that your flight, LH3386 from Dusseldorf to London on 16 June 2012 was cancelled. This flight was cancelled as a result of an earlier airport closure due to the need to remove a disabled aircraft. As we are sure you can understand Lufthansa has no influence over the decision to close an airport.

    In circumstances such as this, it is the responsibility of the airline to ensure that your Contract of Carriage is completed. We are pleased to note that we were able to complete your Contract of Carriage by rebooking you onto flight, LH3388, later that day.
    We also apologise for the departure delay to flight LH3388. This flight was delayed as a result of the late arrival of the aircraft from a previous flight. This late arrival was due to operational controls. Once again this is something outside of Lufthansa’s influence.
    Whilst we understand your comments regarding the inconvenience that the cancellation of flight LH3386 and the delay to flight LH3388 caused you, we appreciate your understanding that we are unfortunately unable to comply with your request for compensation. We are conforming to the stipulations of Article 5 Paragraph 3 of European Union Regulation 261/2004 in this matter.

    We also aware that a part of this delay on LH3388 was regarding the parking position of the flight upon arrival in London. We regret this may have added further to your delay and we are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. However, the parking position for each aircraft is allocated by the airport authority at the arrival airport and the pilot must comply with this instruction.

    Whilst we realise that this may not be the response that you had anticipated, we hope for your understanding of our position.
    We look forward to welcoming you onboard future Lufthansa flights and we assure you that we will do everything we can to make sure your future travel experiences run smoothly.
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