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  • AddyAddy Forumite
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    Healthsure are currently offering;

    ENROL before the end of July and receive…

    > Immediate Benefit
    This waives the usual 26 week qualifying period prior to claiming in all areas except Maternity/Paternity and Redundancy Premium Protection (12 month waiting period).

    > AND a £200 Holiday Voucher
    This provides money off most leading tour operator main and late availability supplement brochure prices.

    > PLUS Free Hotel Accomodation
    This provides free accomodation at over 150 hotels in the UK.

    The first benefit is a definite plus!

    The "freebie" holiday and hotel accommodation have a shedful of conditions attached :-/
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    I have been looking at the cash plans as my wife has HSA plan and has been telling me to join as well. After looking at your your piece in the sunday express and compering pay outs you said HSA was a poor performer, we was just wondering did you take into account the fact that HSA pays out on your spouse weather or not they are in the plan and if I did join we can claim for each other. For example she pays 19.60 a month, we can claim £80 a year EACH for dental, with insure for less you pay £14 a month and can claim £100 for your-self only. I suppose its "swings and roundabouts" you just have to find the plan that suits heathsure looks like the one to me and the wife and 3 kids under 18 or am I missing a trick? ???
  • I belong to Healthcardplus which pays out 100% on your claim up to the limit.
    It is the only one I have seen that does so.
    In fact was so impressed have become a consultant for Healthcardplus.
    Why not take a look at the Referrers Board click on to Health Cash Plan and view my Website to get full details, it explains everything so well.


  • :) I would like to endorse Desdemonas comments.
    HealthCard Plus offers a really cracking deal. It was only formed last year by two very successful businessmen, however it's parent Company is called HealthSure, who have 130 years experience of providing the best quality healthcare cover.

    Also they have just raised the age level from 64 to 74, as long as you join before your 75th Birthday.


  • I have been looking at WPA they are a charitable company and I was wondering if any onme else had ever dealt with them. What's the most recommended healthcare plan?? Where do I start looking?? How much should I be paying each month??

    All replies appreciated!
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    You may like to include the Leeds Hospital Fund in your future comparisons.

    It costs me £11.83 a month and, with a back problem, I usually receive far more than that back each/every other month.

    Not sure how it compares with those you have looked at but could be high on the list.

    Great site. Keep up the excellent work
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Leeds Hospital Fund also pay out 100% on dental and optical up to the £85/£95 limit. I'd love to know how it compares.
  • ??? For over-70's, the Birmingham HS Fund is OK, but very expensive. Surely one or two of the other dozen funds have some attraction for over 70's? (We were with the Age Concern Cash Plan, but it ceased in March). Does anyone know?


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  • I think the best plan is Health Shield

    They pay 100% of all claims

    They offer a selection of monthly premiums and seems a very good deal
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Any advice on the best deal for a couple with no kids?
    I'm 47 and my wife 41.
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