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Hey.... Lets keep Chickens..!



  • Noozan
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    I'm looking into getting some Speckledies, a cross between Rhode Island reds and marans. Can they jump higher than 5-6ft do you think?

    No, they won't be able to jump that high - make sure only clip the feathers on one wing. Also, if you don't want them jumping over a fence, make sure there's nothing too close to the boundary in the run that they can stand on to get a leg (wing!) up. We have an Eglu with an attached run (fox proof so they go in that if we are out) which sits inside a bigger enclosed area that they can roam in and our girls figured out that if they got on top of the attached run, they could jump the fence and get into the "forbidden" area of our garden! And boy, do they decimate the garden! :rotfl:
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  • Curry_Queen
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    I'm looking into getting some Speckledies, a cross between Rhode Island reds and marans. Can they jump higher than 5-6ft do you think?

    Without wings clipped, it's possible, yes :D

    A couple of my chickens managed to breach a 6ft fence on a couple of occasions until I got the clippers out ;)

    If you're planning to do this yourself for the first time, make sure you look up some pictures/diagrams on the net first (I'm sure there must be some somewhere) to make sure you know which feathers to cut as it needs to be the flight feathers which are only accessible when the wing is extended. You need to be careful not to cut more than an inch or two off too as blood vessels run through the quills, similar to animal claws. You can usually see where these end though if held up to the light. And, as someone has already mentioned, only do one wing so that if they attempt to fly they just go around in a circle and can't actually take off ;)

    Oh, and remember they'll need re-doing when the bird moults :D

    Edit: I've just found a couple of suitable sources here and here for those wanting to know how to clip wings :)
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  • beadysam
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    My brahmas can get about 2" high but my barnvelder babies (6weeks) can fly onto my shoulder from the floor easily....
    SAM xx
  • Hi

    I am so glad I have found this thread as I am in deperate need of some advice concerning chickens. We got 3 bantams, the girls were named and my two children were so excited that they were getting up to see the chickens at 5am !!!! We were out for the day on Thursday and when we came home, our neighbours has posted a notice on our door telling us not to go in the garden. It turns out that 3 ferrets had got to all of our girls, I am gutted. We had only had them for nearly 2 weeks but had got really attached to them.

    We are having pest control out, the neighbours said the ferrets were tame so it may be that they escaped or have been set free. My concern is that we all want more chickens but I am frightened that this could happen again. I have told my children that they escaped ( my boys are only 3 and 5) and so they can see no reason to delay in getting some more. We had wanted them to roam around the garden. Please can anyone give me some advice ?

    Thanks so much,
  • beadysam
    beadysam Posts: 587 Forumite
    Hi Bek
    I'm really sorry about your birds. I'm just a beginner but the best place to ask questions is the forum at . These people are chicken crazy and will have plenty of friendly advice to offer....
    SAM xx
  • Sorry to hear this news.
    Were your chickens in a house or run, or just just roaming free around the garden?

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  • bektoria
    bektoria Posts: 120 Forumite
    Hi Chrislee765

    The chickens were in their run, attached to their house. We had not let them out into the garden as the man who we bought them from told us to keep them in for a few weeks until they got use to their house. We had planned on letting them roam round the garden. These were our first chickens, we thought the only problem we may have had would have been foxes.
  • hi. Ferrets are creatures that will and can burrow. One thing i would suggest is putting the run on concrete/paving slabs, or chicken wiring the bottom. Then the only way for the ferret to get in would be to gnaw through the chicken wire, which is highly unlikely. When you do let the chickens free range, make sure your with them most of the time, and keep popping back. This will keep the foxes at bay whilst the ladys get a walk.

    Back to the ferret, im not sure what you could do when your hens are out of the run. Keep a good eye on them.

    Try speaking to some neighbours (behind as well as left and right), They may a ferrett which they let out. Im not sure how tame ferretts get,

    I get my chickens on Saturday... boy am i excited!

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  • Hi all. New to site, but glad I found this topic. I am getting chickens very soon.(As soon as daughter gets 11+ out of way). Gonna get 3 maybe 4. I love the look of the Orpingtons...not just buff, but blues and laced etc. I do have a Westie though and he ain't friendliest chap in the world. How do I introduce them. Is it gonna be best to keep seperate at all time?
    :j BigalusDickalus :j
  • Im not sure bigalus, dogs tend to be better than cats when it comes to chickens. They protect them, and dont see them as prey.
    I would let your dog investigate the run/house before you get the chickens. Then he isnt curious about the building (dogs being quite territorial).
    With the chickens behind chicken wire then introduce them. If the chooks get scared they will run in the house. They will get over it though (mine are still scared of me :P) Im sure they will get on just fine though!

    I got my 4 Black rocks yesterday, and i love them! Mo, Mabel, Ethel and PercyVere. My cat talks to them and they dont mind about him.

    They poo more than I expected, but i will poo pick the house daily and sweep up the run at the end of the day.

    Hope this helps!

    Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.
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