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Hey.... Lets keep Chickens..!



  • Sarahsaver
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    We always used to provide our hens with grit anyway, either in a bowl or scattered on the ground, as they need it to aid digestion which helps prevent crop problems. This is why you'll find eggs from free-range hens have much tougher shells than battery raised hens which almost never receive any grit in their diet and have poor health as a consequence :)

    Just to add, it's not the grit that forms the tougher shells but it's because the birds receiving grit are much healthier therefore provide better eggs ;)
    I give them grit which I bought from the farm the hens came from, they went mad for the roof rubble though - a special treat for them. If you get to go to the coast collect shells and crush them up for your hens.
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  • gritts
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    Chrislee, I got mine from Meadowsweet - from one of there agents.....

    At least one in Hampshire

    Or you could email the Omlet people

    and ask for a recommended local supplier.
  • Thanks people, will have a look at these in the morning.
    Thanks Again :)

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  • If you are having free range chickens prepare to have no flowers or plants left as they love to scratch around and peck roots, probably advisable to get more than one, we got a pet one and its a !!!!!!! Rules the roost and will do anything to try and get indoors, cat is terrified of it. Saying that it loves people and is a funny little thing, lays lovely eggs, and poos for england!
  • what a fantastic thread!!

    would love to keep chickens, but have enough trouble keeping 3 kids and a husband cleaned and fed...... ;)

    just out of interest, what are the vets costs like when keeping chickens? are there any particular health problems they are prone to, and what do you do if one dies??

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  • Im in the process of building my chicken house, what do the chickens actually sleep on, do they sit on perch (dowel) if so how far up does it have to be in the house. (full size birds).

    Also, how high can chickens jump. I will trim their flight feathers but they can still jump.

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  • Noozan
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    Chickens like to roost at night on a perch. If you are building your own house, you can use 2 x 1 lengths of wood with the corners sanded off. For full size birds, I would say about 12 - 15 inches from the base of the house.

    I'm not sure how high they can jump, some can jump better than others! the fencing around our enclosed area is about 3 foot high. If you trim the flight feathers, make sure you only trim one side. The idea is to throw them off balance, if you trim both sides then they can still fly but just have to flap thier wings harder and faster.

    Have you decided what breeds you are getting yet?
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  • I wonder if I could keep chickens with 2 kids, 1 dog and a next door neighbour who has pigeons??????????????
  • Noozan wrote:
    Have you decided what breeds you are getting yet?

    I'm looking into getting some Speckledies, a cross between Rhode Island reds and marans. Can they jump higher than 5-6ft do you think?

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  • gritts
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    I doubt it but then you could end up with a future world record holder.

    Clip one wing.
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