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After our flight was delayed and we were subjected to the most awful travelling experience ever, Saudi Airlines have paid up.

On the 13th November 2013 our flight from Milan to Kuala Lumpur was cancelled due to brake failure at 1100 hours. Subsequently we were told an alternative flight for Kuala Lumpur had been made 10 hours and 10 minutes later with Emirates leaving Milan at 21:10 hours. Therefore we were delayed 10 hours and 10 minutes for the flight leaving Milan. We were offerred a solitary meal and drink during this waiting period.

On checking our tickets we found to our dismay we had a 13.5 hour layover at Dubai. Because of this we attempted to see if like all the other Saudi Airlines passengers who were on the same flight and were scheduled to fly from Dubai on the 10:30am flight, to be told NO as Saudi Arabia Airlines had booked our tickets; the Emirates personnel could not change them leaving us stranded in the clothes we stood in until 21:45hrs on the 14th November, 2013. We attempted to contact Saudi Arabia Airlines and were met with an out-of-hours answer phone message system. This was despite the answer phone message stating that the call centre should have been opened. We then spent the remaining time in the airport, with no assistance food or refreshments.

Finally we reached our final destination Kuala Lumpur at 0800 hours on the 15th November 2013 some 19 hours late.

Saudi Airlines have reinbursed our EU compensation and on the 24th December 2013, we had a telephone call from Saudi Airlines stating they were very sorry for our experience they were paying our EU compensation. Also our further expenses for food, phone calls and lost hotel booking would be reimbursed. Lastly a profuse apology was given. All paid up on Christmas Eve.
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