Card fraud

I got home from work tonight to find a card statement for a credit card I haven't used for a few months. I assumed it was just a £0 one they send out every now and again but I was shocked to find a £500 transaction on it. I range the credit card company straight away to tell them and they have suspended the account but they can't do anything until I have been sent a pin number (I don't know what that's about).

How can it have happened as the card is in my wallet and the card has to be verified when used on line.
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  • InsideInsurance
    Depends on how the transactions been done. Could be an online transaction made with a company that is known to have lax security so not requiring/ using CVC, AVS, 3D secure etc.

    They could have intercepted post, randomly generated the card number (this is easy as 7 of the 16 characters are set and published), photoed it in a queue when you had it out, skimmed it when you used it, taken the merchant receipt when you used it etc

    If its an instore transaction with chip and pin then evidently the options are less and the bank will also investigate it greater
  • jonesMUFCforever
    To help us could you tell us who the transaction was for?

    For instance Amazon remember card details and let you post parcels to say a work address so would need no verification.

    You come back to us with more information and we 'll see if we can help further.
  • Scarpacci
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    For instance Amazon remember card details and let you post parcels to say a work address so would need no verification.
    Actually, Amazon will always require the card details again if you try to post to a new address. That's any address you haven't used that particular card for, not just an address you haven't had orders sent to before. They also require card details again for gift cards sent to new people/addresses. So I don't think there's that much scope for fraudulently using Amazon, though doubtless criminals would find ways.
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  • C_Mababejive
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    I think a proportion of CC fraud occurs from within the card issuing company/distribution chain.


    Because i know of two separate cases of CC fraud on two cards which had never seen the light of day, i.e they were still stuck to the delivery letters with that gooey stuff because the customer had decided not to use them.
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  • Coveredinbees!!!!
    It was easyjet, I'm just hoping there isn't anything else as they wouldn't tell me until I get the pin sent out. Oh and the card is a Tesco if that helps. I didn't sleep very well last night.
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  • jonesMUFCforever
    That makes sense as there is no physical goods to be sent out.
    I am amazed that Tesco will not do anything for you as fraud has taken place on your account which ultimately they will have to fund as you will be refunded.
    Between now and then and with the Christmas period that card could be potentially used again!

    Please do not worry about this though as you are no longer liable for any fraud since you reported it.

    Might be a good thing to write an e-mail to Easyjet with as much information as you have just in case the fraudsters actually try to board the flight! It could be interesting if they are actually asked to produce the card when trying to check in ( although I suppose these days it will be done online).
  • Yes don't worry, OP. You will get the money refunded, but if you are maxed out on the card because of the fraud and have no other card for Christmas, I appreciate that it may be a huge inconvenience.

    The fraudster may have telephoned Tesco Lost and Stolen line and deliberately triggered a new card and PIN which they have then intercepted in the post. They may have intercepted enough information previously to know you had a card with Tesco. If you have other cards, contact those companies, check that they haven't been called by fraudsters, and set up additional security.

    Is your postbox "dippable"? That kind of postal intercept is absolutely rife on a scale unimagined by most who live in apartment blocks for example where postboxes are in a bank on the ground floor, especially where they are easily and unobtrusively accessible from the street.

    The clue about how much of this fraud is taking place is that you hear so little about petty burglary and car theft now. What do you think the thieves are doing instead?

    I am thinking of trying to start a major MSE campaign (via the new trial campaigns board in the forum) to get CRAs, banks, police and others to step up countermeasures. I have become aware recently of some absolutely ridiculous and unbelieveable weaknesses in card provider and CRA systems.
  • yangptangkipperbang
    Why is everybody talking about the money being "refunded" ? There is nothing to refund ! If it is a fraudulent transaction, you report it and you DON'T pay it !
  • yptkb wrote:
    Why is everybody talking about the money being "refunded" ? There is nothing to refund ! If it is a fraudulent transaction, you report it and you DON'T pay it !
    I suppose it is just a lazy way of saying the missing money "will be reallocated against the bank's own account instead of yours"

    Generally speaking that will not happen unless and until the "Victim of Impersonation" has signed a declaration that the transaction was fraudulent and that they have not compromised card security.

    You may have a better way of putting it, yptkb?
  • Coveredinbees!!!!
    Tesco have put a stop on the account so nothing else can be spent on the card. I normally pay the full amount by direct debit should I cancel it?
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