Aga's and heating ran on oil

We have an Aga and a seperate heating system both running on kerosene (28 second) oil. We live in a village out in the country without a gas feed.

With all the talk of comparing utility suppliers, I wondered if there is a comparison available for oil suppliers? We recently changed after a neighbour told us of a cheaper supplier, but wondering if there are any more savings to be made.

Thanks for any info :)


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    Cardew, don't do that ! I clicked on your link and saw oil pices of 23p/L and nearly died - then I saw the date of the thread !!!
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    Youngy wrote: »
    We have an Aga and a seperate heating system both running on kerosene (28 second) oil.

    As a matter of interest, what is the Aga like on consumption?

    The reason I ask is that a pal of mine moved into his son's cottage about 3 years ago(the son is abroad) and is astonished at how much oil his Aga gets through.

    This is the large model that cooks, heats water and CH. The other big disadvantages are that the kitchen is unbearably warm in summer and servicing costs are huge.

    He now turns it off for as much of the year as possible, uses an immersion heater, and cooks using a microwave.
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    It might be worth setting up an "oil co-operative" where yourself and some others all get together and buy your oil in bulk at the same time. EG find out how much it would be to have a delivery of a whole tanker of oil (and how much the tanker holds, there are various sizes) and split between you, that way the tanker driver only had one main destination and it's just a case of filling the individual storage tanks. They may do a discount on selling like this. you have nowt to lose by asking.
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  • We're in the sticks with no gas supply either, and I have found to be really good, especially during their regular "buying weekends".

    Definately worth a look.

    On another note, we've just changed our boiler to a high efficiency model, and it is saving us a fortune! *although it did cost a fortune to buy...

    Edited to add - we have an AGA as well, which I adore, but can't afford to run. It's been disconnected from the main CH system and just does cooking now. However, it takes a good hour and a half to be hot enough to cook on, and then about another three hours to cool down afterwards! Good for drying socks though.
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