How to prevent freezer burn

I've had a problem with my freezer for many years and I've only just realised that it may be because it is a frost free one. This makes sense because I've never had this problem with previous models.

Basically it suffers really badly from freezer burn, the main issue being that rather nasty smell which makes food very unappetising to eat and I end up chucking it away.

Can anyone give me some advice? I know about repackaging and double wrapping, but I'm a bit confused about whether the freezer is better full or with some air circulating. If the freezer isn't full of food should I pack it with something to make it full? I've read that you can pack it with containers of water, but does this work?

Some help would be very appreciated. I seem to have an on going war with the freezer and I'm determined to win. Not to mention the waste of throwing food away yet again.


  • flitter
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    I was told scrunched up newspaper was great at filling up the space in a mostly empty freezer and helped keep running costs down. Not sure what to do about freezer burn, I bulk buy then split and re-wrap everything into the amount I want and I've never had a problem with it, also got a frost free freezer.

    I do run two freezers, I'd love a big chest one but don't have the room to put it. I fill the shelves with newspaper as they are emptied, and when one is empty I turn it off until I'm ready to shop again.

    Our little energy meter reader thing says we use more energy running a half empty or totally packed freezer than we do if it is full but with enough room for airflow or if it has paper in so I'd say that yes filling the freezer with something does work, I'd guess that water is probably as good as paper.
  • jackyann
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    Freezer burn is most likely, as you say, top happen when food is not tightly wrapped. I have used a vacuum packer for years - it cost £50 about 10 years ago and has been worth it many times over. I use it for freezing things, to keep stuff like cheese & cold meat fresh for longer etc. etc.
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    It won't have anything at all to do with having a frost free freezer versus one that gets iced up. As others have mentioned, it's all to do with removing as much air out of the packaged food as possible & not leaving a lot of free space for air to circulate in the actual freezer.

    When I used to have a chest freezer, I sometimes used cardboard cartons & boxes to occupy the space not taken up by food.
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  • i've never had freezer burn before but now now i know how not to get it
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    Actually it IS to do with it being frost free and I have the same annoying problem. It's to do with the way that the freezer evacuates the moisture with the fan laving the food more vulnerable to burn. I find that I have to only use it for short term freezing, and never keep anything in it long term. Any other solutions gratefully received!
  • Ladyluck1
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    Cling film and/or ziploc bags :)
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    the process is sublimation, the food is dehydrating.

    seal it better.
  • AnnieO1234
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    Cling film first then ziplock bag on top,your basically wrapping your food in a duvet. Xxx
  • wrap twice in newspaper then in two carrier bags. thats what my mum taught me.
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