No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries November 2013

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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries November 2013

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maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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AND HERE WE GO AGAIN FOR ANOTHER MONTH! As usual this initial post has been shamelessly copied from the many previous months! A big THANK YOU to Sundaysgirl for starting us off last month.

Welcome all newbies and regulars to this very friendly and chatty thread where we give lots of lovely tips on how to use up your stash and lots of support and encouragement if you need them.

Keep up the pampering and keep down the spending: let’s make the naughty step an empty and lonely place this month (rather than one so long that it can be seen from space)! Will this be the month when the "usual suspects" rein it in a bit? Let's see..... (but I doubt it!)

Remember - those products do nothing for you while they are locked in drawers, boxes and cupboards!

We are eternally grateful to Katie Clampet who set up this fab challenge in January 2010.

Here's her original challenge post:

"No buying any new toiletries, cosmetics, perfume etc... until I have used up ALL the ones I already have. I got a huge amount of (really nice) stuff for Christmas but I am going to resist the urge to browse Boots, Asda,Superdrug etc, and pop another tub of cream, face scrub, shampoo or conditioner into my basket. I reckon the stuff I have will last me until possibly June. I have decided that the money I save I will put into my special holiday account. Anyone else?"

Lots of us have taken part in the challenge over the past few months and are making great progress in reducing our stashes and unnecessary/excessive spending.

Regulars ignore this, but a quick resume is always helpful for newbies;

Why not add the challenge to your sig as a reminder?

We have a "Swaps Group" on Facebook when you can swap good condition items with other like-minded addicts. PM Trudij, Tokkiandoliver, seasideDreamer or luvlycake your email address and they can add you to the group.

How about taking a bit of time to do a stock-take and see if there are any gaps in your stash that you might need to spend on this month? Some of us set a budget for the month for essential purchases or to help with withdrawal symptoms, others like to go cold-turkey!! Other ideas which some people find useful: Listing everything out so you can cross things off as used to increase the sense of achievement, and putting a sum of money in a pot each time you use up an item to save for something you really want, or simply to assist in making future essential purchases "cash neutral".

Remember the challenge is about making the most of your money, enjoying your products, finding which products really suit you best and are worth buying, giving yourself a well-deserved pampering and breaking the habit of buying for the sake of buying.In money-saving tradition, it should also be about making your products l-a-s-t as long as possible (although the temptation of using an unloved shower gel extravagantly to finish it off is sometimes too much to bear!)

Brand new products (or opened perfume) sell well on eBay
Unsuitable products can be used for other jobs (shower gel/shampoo as handwash etc.)

Some items can be returned to certain stores for exchange (for essential items or gifts!!) without a receipt

Unwanted items can be recycled as gifts or for gift hampers (saving the money you'd have spent on gifts)

Unsuitable items can be donated to charity as mentioned earlier.

It helps to avoid the places where temptation lurks for you; be it QVC, Boots,Body Shop, the supermarket toiletries aisles, Grabbit board, online toiletries browsing, seductive department store beauty counter offers etc. Remember retailers are making offers and promotions all the time, so there will always be another deal!*


Good luck all for July and indeed the rest of the year, and remember to keep popping in for inspiration and support, and to report your UU's and IN's, especially any sales bargains - we want a nosy, and keep your stash lists updated

Welcome to all newbies - the more the merrier. Please introduce yourselves so we can welcome you properly!

Oh - and anyone thinking "OMG my stash is FAR bigger than all of theirs, I cant possibly join" - believe you me, we have been doing this challenge for well over a year some of us - you wont scare us, and I can almost guarantee that someone somewhere will have had more and survived.... we are very supportive (and protective - so don't be scared !!) oh - and did we mention that are nosey??!!

Useful abbreviations!

WIBA? - Will I Buy Again?
UU - Use Ups
IN - Self explanatory - stuff you've gained into your stash - warning,lines may be given out for unnecessary purchases or you may be sent to the naughty step!
WNBA - Will Not Buy Again!
Glitch - when a shop/online store make a pricing mistake so you end up paying less or even get freebies!
PYN(M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su) DELETE AS APPROPRIATE! - Paint Your Nails Monday/Tuesday...... it allows everyone to try and finish those dastardly nail varnishes with group support! You can never be too groomed for this thread Also see PY(T)N... - for toenails!

Splutterer - the stage where an item is nearing the end of it's life and spluttering - also the most annoying and seemingly never ending stage!
GWP - Gift With Purchase - a sample or mini sized item
HG - Holy Grail - this is the product you would go back for time and time again, it does the job brilliantly, and is either economical, or so fantastic price becomes no object!
NPI - Near Purchasing Incident (OMG we all have those!)
LHJ - Long Haul Job - for those products - love 'em or hate 'em - that never seem to end no matter how often you use them
PRCP -Pink Rose Candle Philosophy.From Erma Bombeck who said, 'If I had my life to live over again I would have burned the pink candle sculptured like a rose that melted in storage'. Don't keep things 'for best' or 'for a special occasion'. That day never arrives.Give the best to yourself now and enjoy it. (Thanks to McCulloch29 for introducing this thought provoking sentiment to us)
GA- for an out that was given away rather than binned or UU, to charity,as a present, or "just because!".

TA - for an out that was thrown away due to going off (generally as it has been lurking at the back of a stash since time immemorial) or for any other reason such as a broken container or spillage.

If anyone can think of any more we can add to the list so newbies won't be intimidated by our jargon!


Here is a list of our lovely,fragrant ladies who have polished and pampered their way through their products and managed to get their toiletries stash under control. Ladies -congratulations You are an inspiration to the rest of us, xx . Thanks also to InaPickle who suggested we start the Graduate list. To join the list of graduates let us know by posting that you are graduating in big colourful letters, that way the OP can easily spot you and add you to the list, or better still - pm the OP as the thread can move really quickly! You may also wish to add how many products you have used up during the challenge, good luck ladies xx

1.mineallmine - graduated with honours March
2.Bronnie - graduated with honours March 2011
3. lostinrates - graduated with honours around June 2010
4. Ruby_Eskimo - graduated with honours Jun 2012
5. Seaside dreamer -graduated with honours Oct 2012

Previous threads:

In case you need to refer back to a previous stash list or product review here are the links for the past few months challenge threads (just click on the date to take you straight to it):

January 2012
February 2012
March 2012
April 2012
May 2012
June 2012
July 2012
August 2012
September 2012
October 2012
November 2012
December 2012
January 2013
February 2013
March 2013
April 2013
May 2013
June 2013
July 2013
August 2013
September 2013
October 2013

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. (Abraham Lincoln)


  • oooooh first to say in again:):):):)
    really need some exfoliating face stuff but mine (Clarins) costs £28:eek:) and the coffee makier died today:(no idea why when I paid £55 for it 18 months ago(sadly on 1 year guarantee)that all the ones I looked at online now cost over £100:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:vital to our "happy" home!so OH picking new one up tomorrow(£130:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:)....early Christmas pressie to ourselves?

    been up to my knees in slime again at the bottom of the pond as needs emptying,very hard work:(:(

    OH gone for a swim so painting(over as too lazy to take off) pedi from two weeks ago as dance this weekend then a night away(should be interesting!)
  • Hello Ladies

    I've decided to post here again after a nearly 2 year gap. I joined at the beginning of 2011 and managed to get my stash right down, but not quite, to nothing, though I didn't post much - just lurked and used you as inspiration. However as soon as the stash was down, I felt entitled to buy and now have another stash of 205 items!:eek: I'm not including boring stuff like toothpaste and deodorant which I have to buy anyway!

    So, here we go again, and this time I'll try to post regularly. Trying to use stuff up will hopefully mean that I'm sticking to grooming and skincare routines as well.

    Good luck to us all - and keep pampering, not shopping!

    PS how do I add a signiature?
    Toiletries Starting Stash Nov 2013:205
    May 2014: 178. Jun 2014 175/178. July 2014 167/175

  • Thanks for starting us off maddiemay!

    I'm in again, especially after the failure that has been October - very expensive! My plan for November is no bought ins as there is absolutely nothing that I need. Can I do it?!

    I'm going to add a Project Pan list too once I've given it some thought and had a dig around the bathroom cabinet!
    MFW 2017 #123 2018: £1,852.64/£39,200 (4.7%)
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    sam.4000sam.4000 Forumite
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    edited 21 November 2013 at 10:52AM
    Thank you for starting us off again Maddiemay.

    My updated list:
    Soap (lush) (23)
    lust 300g
    [STRIKE]snow globe 72g[/STRIKE]
    Karma 80g
    Gratuitous violet 122 g
    Sweetheart (47g R, 110g, 102g, 70g, 58g, 103g, 64g, 48g R, 114g, 85g, 61g, 51g, 31g, 107g, 93g) total 1144g
    Northern lights 119g
    Snowcake ( old) 138g
    Icon 104 g
    Snowcake 316 g

    Other soap ( 110g unless stated, samples25g) (21)
    FP Black sands 55 g
    FP Lughnasadh
    FP Mama didn't listen so I told the bees
    FP The lamp lighter
    FP Cold pillow
    FP Shadow show
    FP Ethereal seas
    FP Cold pillow
    FP White witch
    FP Lagoon
    FP Hermatage hill
    FP six pence
    FP Snow drift
    FP lamplighter
    2x FP dust witch
    HM irgenpwie and soweso
    [STRIKE]E Evening Falls[/STRIKE]
    E Siren
    Yves rocher liquids soap in lotus flower 200ml
    Yves rocher lavender liquid hand soap 200ml
    Yves rocher lavender liquid hand soap 200ml
    1X asda soap (1 used)

    Sugar scrubs (17)
    Lagoon 225g
    Cold pillow 225g
    [STRIKE]Black sands 225g[/STRIKE]
    White witch 225 g
    White witch 225g
    FP dust witch sugar buff 200g
    Warrior 50g
    Lush sandy Santa
    Lush sugar babe
    [STRIKE]Urban jungle 50g[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Elemis skin nourishing scrub 200ml[/STRIKE]
    Enchanted summer stars 200g
    Enchanted strawberry smoothie 100g
    Haunt dragon fly sugar polish 7oz
    [STRIKE]Haus of gloi Amber bubbling sugar scrub 2oz[/STRIKE]
    lush sandy santa
    BC black current body polish 300g

    Shower gel (16)
    Lush twilight 500g
    Lush twilight 500g
    Lush twilight 500g
    Lush twilight 500g
    Lush ponche 250 g
    Lush slammer 100 g
    BS apple 250g
    BS Raspberry 250g
    Yves rocher purple rice 200ml
    S&G clean on me 500ml
    Ritual Happy buddha shower gel 200ml
    Ritual Happy buddha shower gel 200ml
    Ritual T'ia chi shower gel 50ml
    Yves rocher lavender 200ml
    Elemis shower cream 50ml
    Br bronner's pure Castile soap lavender 50ml

    Shower jellies (4)
    Calacus jelly 100g
    Deep sleep jelly 240g
    Lush the joy of jelly 240g
    Lush the jilted elf jelly 100 g

    Whipped soap (5)
    Spiced Cider & Vanilla Whipped Cream Soap
    Scarcrow whipped soap
    Pear & Plum Crumble Whipped Cream Soap
    Enchanted comfort blanket whipped soap 200g
    Enchanted Mix whipped soap 200g

    Bubble bath/ bath salts/ oil (7)
    Lush blue skies liquid bubble bath 500g
    Tesco sleep therapy bubble bath 750ml
    Burt bees bath salts 450g
    FP bath salts in white witch 250g
    Elemis skin nourishing milk bath 400ml
    Neom tranquilly bath oil 5 ml
    Aromatherapy associates revive bath oil 3 ml
    Manderin spa bath milk 100ml
    Manderin spa bath milk 100ml

    Body lotion/ butters/ whips/ milk (24)
    FP White witch 180g
    FP Lagoon 180 g
    FP Lughnasadh 180g
    FP mama didn't listen so I told the bees body whip 180g
    FP dust witch body whip 180g
    FP The lamplighter 180g
    FP snowdrift 180g
    FP Owletts end 180g
    Lush Dream cream 200 g
    [STRIKE]FP Shire 50g[/STRIKE]
    BS spiced vanilla body butter 200ml
    BS spiced vanilla body butter 200 ml
    Burt bees milk and honey 235ml
    BS yuzu and rice body milk 250 ml
    BS coconut body milk 200ml
    [STRIKE]L'occitane body milk 175ml[/STRIKE]
    Aveda. Foot relief 150ml
    Shine like a celeb diamond sparkle body cream 25 ml
    [STRIKE]Alison Clarke mange body butter 50 ml[/STRIKE]
    BS divine calm body butter 200 ml
    Seba med body lotion 15 ml
    [STRIKE]Monu Golden glow 50ml[/STRIKE]
    Aromatherepy revive 40ml
    HMdream a little dream of me body cream 150g
    Roger and Gallett sublime body oil 10ml
    Roger and Gallett sublime body oil 10ml
    Laura Mercier body creme 25g
    Spa find bust extract 6ml

    Hair removal (6)
    Yves rocher shaving foam 200ml
    Nair hair removing cream 100 ml in use
    Veet hair removing cream 100 ml
    Veet wax strips
    Nair hair removing cream 100 ml
    Veet hair removing spray in use

    Shampoo (7)
    Yves rocher anti dandruff shampoo 200ml
    Yves rocher anti dandruff shampoo 200ml
    Frizz ease shampoo 250ml
    BS ginger shampoo 400ml
    BS ginger shampoo 250ml
    BS ginger shampoo 400ml
    S&G glad hair day 250ml
    Weleda oat shampoo 18ml

    Conditioner/ masks (15)
    Jungle solid
    In the loop solid FCS
    Tresemme salon silk conditioner 900ml
    Pantene classic care 400ml
    Pantene extra care 400ml
    Dickson tonic line regenerating mask 500ml
    Frizzease conditioner 250ml
    Tigi catwalk collection you highness 750ml
    Curly sexy hair curl defining 1 litre
    Yves rocher nutri-silk 150ml
    Intense hydrating mask 200g
    Philip Kingsley elasticizer 40ml
    Dove intence heat defence therapy deep conditioner 250ml
    Pantene classic care conditioner 250ml
    [STRIKE]Pantene repair treatment 200ml[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Provive conditioner 300ml[/STRIKE]

    Hair products (28)
    Nicky Clarke instant calm 30ml
    Groomed defining putty 100ml
    L'oreal professional mythical oil 125 ml
    BS cotton seed curl boost 150 ml
    BS cotton seed curl boost 150 ml
    Frizz ease spray gel 150 ml
    Tesco hair spray
    Toni and guy volume plumping whip 90 ml
    Argon oil hair treatment 100ml
    [STRIKE]Frizz ease serum25 ml[/STRIKE]
    Shock waves mousse 200 ml in use
    Frizz ease flawless finishing cream 100 ml
    Frizz ease hair serum extra strength 50 ml
    BS define and no frizz 100 ml
    Tresemme hair spray 75 ml
    Hair spray
    Hair spray
    Paul Mitchell texturizing sea spray 25ml
    Coconut oil 500g
    [STRIKE]Pantene leave in conditioner 150ml[/STRIKE]
    Pantene time renewal leave in spray 150ml
    BS cotton seed curl boost 150ml
    Fizz ease spray gel 150ml
    Umberto giannini flirty curl scrunch jelly 200ml
    Vatican coconut hair oil 150 ml
    Tony and guy shine gloss 30ml
    Lush superbalm in use
    KMS curl up mousse 75ml
    Alterna bamboo volume spray 25ml
    Alterna bamboo volume spray 25ml
    Phillip Kingsley one more day 50ml
    Phillip Kingsley one more day 50ml
    Tony &guy firm hold hair spray 50g
    Tony &guy firm hold hair spray 50g

    Massage bars (Lush) (9)
    After midnight
    After midnight
    Ego 1/2
    Merry christmas
    Tender is the night
    Mangetout in use
    Silk stocking
    HM pianos bar massage lotion
    BC pod people massage bar

    Bubble bars (Lush) (36)
    1X Blue skies and fluffy white clouds ( one used up))
    3x brightside
    The comforter
    Magic mushroom
    Candy mountain
    3X Christmas Eve
    Bubble beard
    4X I am 10
    Two timing tart
    Gingerbread house
    Flosty gritter
    Green day
    Santa's sack
    7 X Bathos
    Hot milk
    Not lush caramel

    Bath bombs (30)
    So white
    [STRIKE]Youki hi[/STRIKE]
    Green flower one
    The enchanter
    The enchanter
    Big blue
    lord of misrule
    Sex bomb
    Lux pud
    Soot ball
    HM dreamer bath tab
    Hm sprudelatus bath tab
    HM chunky monkey bath tab
    HM nights in white satin bath tab
    BC pink rhubarb princess
    [STRIKE]BC my lather lover[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]BC lucky dip[/STRIKE]
    BC azure skies
    2 x BC flying high
    BC rhubarb and custard
    1x BC flying saucers 1 used
    BC feel the love bath creamer
    [STRIKE]BC lavender cream bath creamer [/STRIKE]
    BC lazy lavender Brulee
    2 x winterwald foot tabs

    Face cleansing/ scrub/ wipes (17)
    Yves rocher camomile cleanser and toner 200ml
    Ultra bland 100g in use
    BS cucumber cleanser 250ml
    Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm 20 ml
    AEOS cleansing oil 30 ml
    [STRIKE]RMK cleansing balm 25 g[/STRIKE]
    2 X Elemis pro radiance cream cleanser 30 ml
    Baby wipes
    Baby wipes in use
    Yves rocher detox activator scrub 30 ml
    Yves Rocher gentle scrub 75ml
    Dr brandt microdermabrasion 7.5g
    Microdelivery exfoliating facial wash 30ml
    Microdelivery exfoliating facial wash 30ml
    HM clean piece face cleanser
    I'occitane cleansing gel 50ml
    I'occitane cleansing gel 50ml

    Face wash (8)
    Elemis gentle face wash 100ml
    Elemis purifying face wash 100ml
    Yves rocher hydra vegetal face wash 125 ml
    Lush coal face 75 g
    Lush fresh farmacy 50 g
    [STRIKE]Caudalie foaming face wash 200 ml [/STRIKE]
    Santa verde aloe Vera face wash 100 ml

    Toners/ water (8)
    Bioderma water 30ml
    Simple toner 200ml
    Love your skin balancing and refreshing skin mist 100 ml
    1x Melvita rose water 28 ml
    Yves rocher hydra vegetal toner 200ml
    [STRIKE]2 X Elemis balancing lavender wipe[/STRIKE]
    Yves rocher clarifying toner 150ml
    I'occitane toner 50ml
    I'occitane toner 50ml

    Face moisturiser (34)
    Yves rocher hydra vegetal gel cream 50 ml
    [STRIKE]Clarins instant smooth line corrector 3 ml in use[/STRIKE]
    Elemental herbology cell plumping moisturiser 30 ml
    Espa moisturiser 7 ml
    3 X Elemis pro collagen marine cream 15 ml
    4X Elemis pro collagen marine cream 4 ml one used
    Est!e Lauder advance time zone cream 5 ml
    2 X Dr bragi age management moisturiser 5 ml
    Skin life energetic cellular cream 10 ml
    Temple spa skin truffle moisturiser 15 ml
    2X Balance me intensive wrinkle repair cream 10 ml
    [STRIKE]Pomegranate active night plus oil 10 ml[/STRIKE]
    LP skin therapy overnight replenishing cream 15 ml
    Trilogy rosehip oil 2.5 ml
    Organic rose moisturiser 15 ml in use
    [STRIKE]Dermalogica multivitamin power firm 5 ml in use[/STRIKE]
    1x Nude treatment oil sample 1.5 ml
    1 X Nude cellular renewal moisturiser sample 2 ml
    Murad blemish treatment 30 ml
    Clinique laser wear 7 ml
    Steam cream 75g
    Balance me moisture rich face cream 20ml
    Balance me moisture rich face cream 20ml
    Yves rocher anti age global moistuiser sachet
    vichy Idealia 15ml
    vichy Idealia 15ml

    Serums/ treatment (14)
    Caudal use SOS thirst serum 30 ml
    EGF serum 3 ml
    [STRIKE]YSL forever serum 5 ml[/STRIKE]
    Yves rocher ADN radiance cellular serum 40 ml
    Lush full of grace serum bar
    Emma hardy amazing face serum 10ml
    Indeed labs hydraluron 30 ml
    Indeed labs hydraluron 30 ml
    Argon oil 100 ml
    3 X Lacura hydraluronic gel 30ml
    Lacura serum 30ml
    The organic pharmacy antioxitant face gel sachet
    Hyralauron 5ml
    Hyralauron 5ml

    Eye cream (7)
    Vichy eye and lash 1.5 ml sample
    Indeed labs eysilix 15 ml
    Espa eye serum 3 ml
    Monu eye gel 20 ml
    Avon revitalist eye system 15 ml
    caudalie eye and lip serum 1.5 ml
    [STRIKE]Caudalie eye and lip serum 1 .5 ml[/STRIKE]

    Masks (6)
    Oskia renaissance mask 15 ml
    Elemis pro collagen quartz mask 15 ml
    Renu flash relax mask 30 ml
    Dermalogica power recovery mask 15 ml
    The organic pharmacy honey and jasmine mask 5ml
    HM honeyliscious face mask
    REN invisible pore detox mask 15ml
    REN invisible pore detox mask 15ml
    Glycolactic radiance renewal mask 15ml
    Glycolactic radiance renewal mask 15ml

    Sun screen/tan (5)
    Green people self tan 20 ml in use
    Avon anew 30 SPF 150 ml in use
    2 others sunscream
    Tantastic instant tan 175ml in use
    St tropez gradual tan ( face ) 15 ml

    Hand cream (12)
    Neom inspiration 50 ml
    O'keefe working hands 96 g
    Neutrogena concentrated hand cream 75 ml
    Neutrogena concentrated hand cream 75 ml
    Neutrogena concentrated hand cream 75 ml
    Neutrogena anti ageing hand cream 50 ml
    BS spiced vanilla 30 ml
    BS hemp high balm 45 ml
    BS hemp high balm 45 ml
    BS wild rose 30 ml
    BS hemp oil
    Sanctuary hand cream 50ml
    Ioccitane cherry bossom 30ml
    Ioccitane cherry bossom 30ml

    Perfume (full size) (18)
    Yves rocher evidence 50ml
    Lush cinders 30ml
    Lush day of the dead 30 ml
    Lush twilight 30ml
    Lush twilight 30 ml
    Lush American cream 30 ml
    Lush American cream 30 ml
    Lush snowcake 30 ml
    Enchanted evening falls 50ml
    Enchanted Harlot 50ml
    Yves rocher so elixir purple 50ml
    [STRIKE]BS midnight bakula perfume 50 ml[/STRIKE]
    J'adore 100 ml
    Orla kiely eau de perfume 100 ml
    John Paul gaultier 50 ml in use
    John Paul gaultier 50 ml in ue
    [STRIKE]Yves rocher so elixir perfume 30ml[/STRIKE]
    Cheap one from pound land

    Perfume samples (1)
    Yves rocher so elixir purple 5 ml in use
    English Laundry 2ml

    Perfume oil (8)
    Cold pillow oil 5 ml
    White witch oil 5 ml
    Black sands oil 1 ml
    Rook and raven oil 1 ml
    Lugnasadh oil 1 ml
    Enchanted perfume oil twilight 5 ml
    Enchanted 1ml
    BPAL Bess 1ml

    Other (19)
    Anti perspiration foot spray 150 ml
    Beauty formula body and face cooling mist 150 ml
    Glucosamine joint gel 50 ml
    Purel anti bacterial hand gel 50 ml
    Simple baby powder 250 g
    Johnston's baby powder 100 g
    Lacura travel wipes 25
    Bio oil 60 ml
    St tropez bronzing mousse 50 ml
    Mitchum deodorant
    BS deodrant
    Nail varnish remover
    Nail varnish remover pads
    Cotton wool 100 pads
    Cotton wool pads 100
    Sanctuary hand scrub
    Carex hand gel 50ml
    Mitchum deodrant
    Mitchum deodrant
    Impulse spray

    in use
    new in

    List has been updated and finally I am under the 400 mark, total stands at 386, last month it was 453. They don't tally from what I have used up but a few items I never declared (I don't always remember soap or sachets) and some were products that I don't count such as make up. I do have several more parcels due in this month and I know I need to stop buying. I have bought more over the last month than I have since joining the challenge in March.
  • I'm in again! This month I don't need a thing. However I'll be a bit realistic and limit myself to no more than 5 INs, and only if I can justify them (free with a magazine for example)

    I like this idea of setting target products for the month, mine will be:
    1. Dove conditioner
    2. Balance Me shower gel
    3. Love etc body butter
    4. Johnsons holiday skin
    5. No7 eye shadow
    6. Vitamin C skin reviver
  • im in again!

    thanks for starting us off Maddiemay! :)
    No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries!
  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    I'm in again for November. Thanks Maddiemay for starting us off again.

    I haven't had any ins since the middle of October and am really pleased with that. I will carry on with my Project Pan for November but think it will probably be December before all ten of those items are finished.
    Debt Free and now a saver, conscious consumer, low waste lifestyler

    Fashion on the Ration 12/66
  • Thanks to Maddiemay for starting the thread.

    I am in for another month. I need lots of outs this month as its my birthday month so there will more than likely be ins!
    No more buying toiletries
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    moneyless_macmoneyless_mac Forumite
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    edited 20 November 2013 at 10:25PM
    Project pan:

    1. Max factor facefinity powder - I like this as a cheaper alternative to Clarins this was on my hit list for October. UU 17/11

    2. Boots 3 minute hair mask - this may have been OK when I bought it years ago but although it leaves my hair soft its like applying slug slime and it doesnt smell very pleasant. Another from Octobers list. *STASH RELIC. UU 14/11

    3. Johnsons baby bed time bath - Yet another from October - this was a left over from when DD was small - shes now 8 so *STASH RELIC. UU 3/11

    4. TBS small banana shaped soap - long since lost its fragrance *STASH RELIC UU 16/11

    5. TBS small lemon shaped soap - as above *STASH RELIC UU 10/11

    6. Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in graffiti UU 7/11

    7. Stella body lotion - to break up using the grot and *Potential pink candle. UU 5/11

    8. Stella shower gel - as above. UU 5/11

    9. Elemis nourishing shower cream - I'm drowning in this. UU 20/11

    10. Nivea so soft cream - I got this in a gift set for my birthday last year so thought I would make an effort to use it before this years celebration. UU 4/11
    No more buying toiletries
  • My project pan list:

    1. Sanctuary ultimate facial cleansing oil 150ml
    2. Sanctuary gentle cream exfoliater 100ml
    3. Lee Stafford Arganoil 50ml
    4. No7 Pore refining serum 30ml
    5. No7 facial after sun 50ml
    6. L'Oreal Elnett hairspray 75ml
    7. Sanctuary intensive rescue heel balm 75ml
    8. Sanctuary Mela rose and pistachio body butter 300ml
    9. Sanctuary foaming bath soak 250ml
    10. MAC bronzer
    MFW 2017 #123 2018: £1,852.64/£39,200 (4.7%)
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