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I am looking for 11+ exam source for my 10 year old kid. Can someone suggest good source for preparing my kid please.


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    Amazon do lots of papers. You don't really find any free online resources for 11+ but also check what your area does for 11+. Berkshire does Verbal and non-verbal reasoning and Buckinghamshire next door do an "un-coachable" exam, so have to concentrate on maths/english really so check to make sure you are spending your money on the right papers!
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    Amazon and WHSmith have everything you need.

    In terms of Maths & English, look for 11+ papers, as well as 12+ if you're looking at super grammers and the level is appropriate for your daughter as she is nearer to the exam/s.

    With reasoning, I highly recommend the 'How to do Verbal/Non VR' before even looking at a paper (& only then do a couple.) Bond do a good NVR and Susan Daughtrey has a few books on techniques for VR. Unless you're naturally inclined for these types of activities, and I was pleasantly surprised how easy my children found them compared to my memory of sitting some for school entry at 13+, they can also look just like a foreign language.

    There are also free resources online for Maths & English so you don't really need more than one papers pack in my opinion (more to see the format/level/timing.) I looked up past SATS papers for Maths & English, including level 6. Answers online too.

    It's great to be prepared, but all the advice we received was not to overdo it. I know very few listen, but mine were both prepared in a week over the Xmas holiday, prior to the January exams in Y6 and did really well.

    Good luck!
  • This forum was invaluable to us:


    It has sections for each area, very important as different counties use different formats. So make sure you know exactly which format you need to be buying before spending money :)
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