bt bradband worst company ever

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ARHHHH where do i start it has been constant phone calls 2 and from BT always me ringing then when i have asked them 2 ring me several times.. i first joined bt about 4months ago for 1st month absolutly fine.. 2nd month comes and i have problems with my broadband i do all the checks like they ask they send an engineer out which i have to wait ages for whilst may i add still being charged for phone and broadband i cannot use. So the guy test and tries everything and struggles to find anything but in a last ditch attempt he rings someones and says they have lowered your broadband speed so its not reaching you as fast.. why bt would do this is beyond me its creating problems for EVERYONE!!! Anyways he sorts it out for me and after stating its bts fault bt then decide to bill me for him even though he stated its 100% there fault so after recieving a £120 bill from bt i was NOT happy, however bt refunded the money back and that was that ... well thats what i thought after another 2months here we are again constant drop in broadband speedr i decided to get bt vision after the 1st problems as i genually thought i wouldnt have any more problems what a mistake that was i should off read the reviews!!

so after constant phone calls one of which was 1hour and 10mins before i even got to speak to anyone(and i got charged 6.80!!) i have done all the checks bt are saying theres no fault at there side yet again the same as what happened last time one day it will be fine the next i cannot even watch my bt tv what a joke!!! i really want to leave bt such an unhelpfull company i really want an engineer to come out but what if i get charged again? really canot wayt to join another company does anyone else have these problems how can I maybe get out of my contract early


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    What speed are you getting when you do a speed test?
    Does the speed differ between when you connect wirelessly and when you connect with an RJ45 cable?
    Do you have filters on all your phone sockets?
    1. Have you tried to Google the answer?
    2. If you were in the other person's shoes, how would you react?
    3. Do you want a quick answer or better understanding?
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