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MSE News: Details of energy market review to be announced by the Government

in Energy
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"Ed Davey will today reveal details of a review into the energy market, which will investigate prices and profits..."
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Details of energy market review to be announced by the Government


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  • UKParliamentUKParliament Organisation Representatives - Private Messages may not be monitored
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    For anyone who might be interested in watching the Annual Energy Statement by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change - it is expected to commence between 11.15-11.30am today (31st October) in the House of Commons.

    The Statement can be viewed on Parliament TV (Silverlight or Windows Media Player required to stream TV):

    Transcripts of proceedings in the House of Commons Chamber are available three hours after they happen in

    We hope this proves useful to MSE'ers
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  • Great another review - just what this country is lacking, I'm sure this wont end up being an expensive whitewash.
  • Call Me Dave has been forced into a corner by the wrong Miliband, basically. Got to be seen to doing something about this problem as the spotlight has been well and truly placed on it. Time will tell if the attempt is genuine or not. But if I was a betting man....
  • SapphireSapphire Forumite
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    A lot of talk, lots of money spent, including no doubt on expensive lunches, and no positive action for the consumer. :mad:
  • Isn't it obvious that the only reason for multiple tariffs is to attract and confuse customers? Either the customer gets the optimum tariff or pays extra. Instead of monitoring to make sure customers are able to identify the best tariff, why not limit each energy company to a single tariff? Making the customer choose a tariff in advance can only lead to an advantage for the energy company. Customers shouldn't have to gamble on usage and markets and fixed prices and penalties in something as important as energy. The energy companies have the resources and expertise to set their prices in advance, making the customer try to do that - even with the help of websites like this - is unnecessary. Energy companies shouldn't profit from the mistakes of customers in choosing a tariff. Let them take the risk.
  • PincherPincher
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    These energy reviews never seem to go for underground solutions. J R R Tokien already gave us the slution, live in hobbit holes like Bilbo Baggins. Peter Jackson has already done a detailed sample of retro farm house living in the movies.

    They did a segment on BBC News 24 about Singapore, which is digging down, because the whole country is short of land.

    Get the drainage system right, and I will happily spend my retirement in a nice warm (energy efficient) hobbit hole in the ground somewhere green and pleasant. Let these young clubbers live in tiny city centre cells.
  • RyuneRyune Forumite
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    Confused49 wrote: »
    why not limit each energy company to a single tariff?
    As some posts on this board show, not everyone wants that. Some people want standing charge tariffs, Some people want no standing charge tariffs as an example.

    What's cheapest for one user isn't always for another.
  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    Ed Davey said "If someone can change their broadband provider with a few clicks of the mouse..."

    He doesn't seem to be aware of such problems as "tags on the line" that make switching broadband difficult.
    If only they knew what they were talking about.
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  • Mr_KMr_K Forumite
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    Yawn. Another month, another review of the energy industry which won't deliver anything slowly. A review isn't going to help anyone whose bill is rising now. The LiberalLiarcrats plum new depths of inadequacy, but its what we expect from the Tories.

    'We're all in this together' (the energy companies and their Tory mates that is)
  • Clueless Cameron reckons changing your Energy Supplier is Tory Policy :eek: :doh:

    Leaders clash over energy switching

    David Cameron said to Ed Miliband "You switched your supplier. Yes. You went to one of these insurgent companies to cut your bills. Isn't it typical? You come here every week and attack Tory policy, and you go home and adopt Tory policy to help your own family."
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