Warm Front Grant Not Covering Oil Central Heating Help

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  • Feel its only fair to state not all Warmfront installers are rip off merchants. I received the full grant for boiler for a larger than average house and yes I had to contribute £1200. Big shock but needed a new boiler as my old one on its last legs, the cost included 1 rad + a new hot water tank. AKM Heating Ltd from Golborne did the work when they said they would, the house was tidier when they left than when they arrived and I would not hessitate to recommend them, in fact I have done so and I have also asked them to do some further work for me.
    It sounds like I am very lucky but I am sure they cannot be the only company doing a good job on behalf of Warmfront? I hope not.
  • I too have been ripped off by warm front. I was billed for 2 lots of labour for the same thing. I was also charged for a radiator larger than my pre existing radiator. However warm front fitted a smaller radiator & billed me for a larger radiator & pocket the difference in money! The customers services woman Lisa Hodges dismissed my complaint & closed the investigation into the above problems. Also I had to pay £1100 on TOP of the warm front grant & I feel that I could have received a much lower price from other gas companies. The warm front scheme is a front to charge higher than usual rates in my case & then they bill me for things that I have NOT received even though I have paid for them!

    So may call this fraud! I DO!
    Also warm front refuse to give me a price breakdown of how they arrived at an extortionate price in the first place. The boiler that was fitted by warm front broke down in 2 DAYS! Then I had to get the manufacturer to fix the boiler because warm front used the wrong fuse! I was left without any heating for 3 days! So much for warm front helping the vulnerable. So far they have ripped me off & defrauded me!
  • I contributed £1200 after being awarded the full grant (£4000). I got a larger than average boiler,1 extra rad, immersion heater and a new hot water tank. I was and am pleased with the job undertaken by AKM Heating Ltd from Golborne.
    I consider my self lucky to have been sent them, especially when most of the stories I read about Warmfront are nightmares.

    It is a disgrace that cowboys are ripping off the tax-payer left right and centre and giving decent tradesmen a bad name.
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    Update to my warmfront fiasco - I spoke to the guy at our local council who dealt with my Disabled Facilities Grant earlier in the year and he said the price was an utter ripoff and this was not uncommon in his experience with Warmfront - he'd just dealt with another couple's application through their own grant scheme for a replacement boiler and oil tank and their contractors only charged £2500 but that they could give me a grant to pay the excess to Warmfront. They approved it within a week and let the contractors know and 3 months later we still didn't have an installation date. We spent ages phoning Warmfront and the contractors and both said it was the others fault ! Apparently the contractors hadn't picked up the parts from the suppliers so they had been used for someone else's application !

    The work finally got done in October and took about 3 days but they hadn't realised that the old flue had a second smaller one inside so when they removed it the whole kitchen got covered in soot which has stained our lino and got trodden all through the bungalow - we're still cleaning it up now as there are ingrained sooty fingerprints on all our doors etc - still at least we have nice new efficient boiler and a robust tank which has a remote oil level gauge that plugs into a socket in the kitchen - saves having to go out into the back garden to check in the freezing cold :D

    Still think taxpayers are getting ripped off though.
    Hi Norfolk broad, may I ask who finally installed your CH. My daughter is in a similar position to you and I've just started a warmfront application for her. If she can't get all the money we'll have to go down the council loan route. We're applying for one now to get her windows replaced.
  • I come frm scotland and I was made redundant last december and im living on what the goverment says I can get by on and that is £64.50 jsa per wk plus child tax credits of £54.00 per wk in total about £120.00 per wk I have a dependent son who is 17yrs old. I have been looking into getting gas central heating installed but having no joy.The only means of heating i have are 2 small oil filled radiators. whilst looking and phoning a few places including warmth scotland i have discoverd i do not fit the criteria to get it goverment funded but yet if i was from down south somewhere this would not be a problem!!! I am willing to pay something towards this but still no help available. Can anyone help me or give me some advice on where i can get help....thanx
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    Well my daughter now has had her heating for a few months. Mixed views on what happened.

    The contractors were excellent and bent over backwards to work around her disability. They did make a couple of mistakes ( forgot to switch the power shower switch on and as she had never had to do it before didn't know where it was) but rectified over the phone and a visit the following day.

    The call centre at warmfront were mixed either very unhelpful or couldn't do enough to help.

    The cost was high and we needed to add to it, just under £8000. She had to find just under £2000 of which the local council gave a grant of £1000 and she has a council loan for the balance. To get the grant a council surveyor needed to visit to check what work needed doing and he said that there was a lot of work and the company fitting it were very good.

    The workers were there for 6 days and worked for that time, no slacking. She needed a new oil tank which had to be resited so a new based had to be laid. new boiler and controls, thermastatic controls on all rads, flushed out the system intially and I think new flue needed for the boiler, they also took down a cupboard to access the old boiler. They cleared up after themselves and left the place cleaner than when they arrived.

    She also had cavity wall insulation but that money wasn't taken off the grant although was done via warmfront.

    The local council were very helpful in getting the extra grant for the work. She is also getting a loan from them to get other work done on the house.

    From start to finish, applied end of July and heating fitted end of November. It was perfect timing as her old system (30+ years old) broke down the week before the new one was installed.

    Complaints, couldn't get a breakdown of the costs, one very unhelpful call centre employee at warmfront and having extra to pay ( without council help she wouldn't have managed it).

    The whole thing required a lot of energy and luckily all parties agreed that they would work through me due to the nature of her disability. She had applied once before but after an original acknowledgement of her application no further communication and she was too ill to chase them up.
  • My brother recently had an oil fired external boiler and tank fitted, with a couple of extra radiators too, and all for less than £4000.
    I have also come across a new low voltage electric underfloor heating system that is super efficient and relatively cheap to install, with no maintenance and 25 yr guarantee.
    Im not suer if it qualifies fir grants, but may do.
    I found it at heatingintelligence.co.uk and have spoken to them about it about a refurb project ..... looks great !
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