Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 13th October 2013

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the Weekly Spend Challenge. This challenge is open to anybody, no matter what financial place they are in.

On this thread please post an amount of money you wish to stay below within the week (Sunday to end of working day on Friday). This can be pennies or thousands it depends on the individual. Then next Saturday report back and pledge for the following week. The challenge runs from Sunday to Friday so we don't include Saturdays but feel free to change the rules to suit you and include Saturdays or start on a different day.

Feel free to update this thread with daily spends if that keeps you on track. We colour code the results as below:

Green - within budget
Red - over budget
Purple - zero spend
Orange - made money over the week

This is a little bit of fun but for many it highlights the fact that maybe that magazine/chocolate bar isn't needed. Hopefully your spending habits can be changed forever.

Moozie was the founder of this challenge and here is a quote taken from her:

Originally Posted by Moozie:
"Good afternoon lovely DFWs Now for anyone looking in, please feel free to join - the more the merrier! Basically, decide on the amount you want to spend up to from Sunday until the end of the working day on Friday then pledge it here and off we go! The challenge is about incidental spending and not for stuff that should be budgeted elsewhere such as bills, groceries, debt repayment etc but you decide what to include at the end - this is about changing your habits and improving your recording of your spends more than anything else. Have a great week everyone and keep it low!!! Moozie x"

Good Luck Everyone

W/C 6th October 2013 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £35 / £25.28
Splodgethefirst - £5 / £3.63

Verityemilia - £40 / £30
MissE001 - £10 / £0
CasperTheFriendlyGhost - £5 / £2.67
Flyinggiraffe - £20 / £13.49

bt1 - £20 / £37
Just2Ashamed - £60
ShootForTheMoon - £20

W/C 13th October 2013 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £25
Flyinggiraffe - £10
Verityemilia - £40
CasperTheFriendlyGhost - £5
MissE001 - £10
Splodgethefirst - £0
DellyC - £25
ShootForTheMoon - £10
Munchin - £20
Townses - £25
WantToBeSE - £10
bt1 - £35
Moneytree1 - £20
Say account - £50
SPC 14 Target £200 /
Debt: £11850


  • Plans for the week

    Sun - visiting my nan, then to my sisters for buffet dinner. - NSD (although may need to get some Vicks type stuff for baba)
    Mon - get baba weighed - NSD
    Tues - baby group - car parking - £1.20
    Weds - baby group - NSD
    Thurs - baby group - NSD
    Fri - baby group - car parking - £1.20
    Sat - possible lunch with friends - £15

    Total - £25 (to include baba stuff and small contingency.)
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • I pledge £40 again this week

    Mon - NSD
    Tues - NSD
    Weds - £23 - nails
    Thurs - NSD
    Fri - hopefully NSD
    Sat - go in the city £10 spend

    Seal pot challenge no 7- :) # 331 Saved £140 SPC - Target £30
    Grocery challenge - £100 a week
    Weekly Spend Challenge - £40 :)
  • DellyCDellyC Forumite
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    Hi I'm new here and would like to join I pledge £25

    Mon -NSD
    Tues - £5spend (shopping essentials bread,milk and tv mag)
    Weds- NSD
    Thurs - NSD
    Fri - £15 uni (train and bus fare)
    £5 contingency
  • MissE001MissE001 Forumite
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    Thanks as always for the new thread ETO - you're a :A

    And you're more than welcome to join us DellyC - this thread certainly keeps me on the straight and narrow......well, usually :cool:

    Anyway, for the first time EVER, I managed not to spend anything last week other than petrol....didn't even need groceries. These both come out of separate budgets in any case.

    Oh, and I got a refund from the theatre for being overcharged for drinks when I was there last Friday.....they had charged us for a bottle of wine instead of a glass. My sis phoned to query it when I pointed it out to her and the theatre told her to listen to her big sister and check the receipt at the time.....but gave us back the £16 we'd been overcharged. I'm so glad we asked :T

    So I had a very green week with £0 / £10 :j :j

    Going for £10 again this week please ETO

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week :)
    SPC Member #112 :A Save £2k in 2014 # 160 :money:
  • ShootForTheMoonShootForTheMoon Forumite
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    Thanks again for the new thread ETO!!

    So, plans for this week:

    Sunday: NSD
    Monday: NSD - working night shift
    Tuesday: NSD - sleeping and having a chilled day!
    Wednesday: £6.20 - bridge money back to Wales to see the folks
    Thursday: NSD - nothing planned
    Friday: NSD - nothing planned - might have DVD night with OH
    Saturday: NSD - back to work!!

    So, going to shoot for a fairly ambitious £10 for this week!!

    Good luck gang!! xxx
    "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul"
  • Thanks ETO for the new thread. I'm really enjoying this challenge, it's helping me focus and think about my spends.

    I'd like to declare a £2.67 spend for last week and would like to pledge £5.00 again for this week. It seems the weeks are flying by and we're rushing head long into Xmas. I'm going to panto in Glasgow after xmas so need to save some money for my trip. It's a great motivator!

    Hope everyone's having a good weekend, even though it's been pretty miserable weather here :p Good weekend for staying in, drinking coffee and catching up on some "Cumberbatch" telly :rotfl:

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    DFD July 2018
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  • MunchinMunchin Forumite
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    Hi ETO - thanks for this thread.

    I was away on holiday and had hoped to stay with this challenge but hotel broadband wasn't working.

    I would like to go for £20 this week -

    Sun - NSD
    Mon - NSD
    Tues - NSD
    Wed - £2 treats for nephew
    Thurs - NSD
    Fri - £15 takeaway with OH

    Tomorrow is my first day back in work and I'm hoping I don't owe money for anything.
  • Good afternoon all!

    Am aiming for a purple week. so a zero spend week ... made myself a bit brassic buying gifts for anniversary. oops. oh well i shall do my best.

    This should also help with my new found resolve for trying to be a bit healthier after feeling like I had done well at body attack on Saturday.

    Monday: Work, tuition, gym
    Tuesday: work, after work committee meeting (atttempt work out 1 from British Army Guide)
    Wednesday: Work
    Thursday: Work, attempt workout 2 from BAFG
    Friday: Work, a friend has offered to cook for me :) attempt workout 3 from BAFG
  • Evening all, thanks as ever for the thread ETO.

    Ok, so I need a cheap week this week. My boss keeps asking me to go in his place to meetings. I don't mind as it will certainly be useful at appraisal time next year for payroll negotiations, but on my salary I don't earn enough to spend this much on fuel! I get the mileage back on payday, but that's not helpful for the next 2 weeks when I've spent £200 more than I normally would have by this point, just on getting to these meetings. I've had to take it out of savings.

    So, this week I will be pledging £10.

    £5 Fat club on Wednesday (and I won't spend 50p on raffle tickets)
    £5 contingency
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    TownsesTownses Forumite
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    Evening, never done this before but been reading and think I'd like to have a go. So basically it's just all the extra spends that I'm counting - not things like food or petrol?

    I'd like to pledge £25 as a starter, thought I'd be realistic and then see how I get on.
    Starting off with:
    Sunday: £4.65 swimming with smallest boy (he was free as a member) and £1.99 for running app- I'd got to the end if the free version and still going strong as it's cheaper than the gym!
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