TENS machine hire?

Anybody know of the best value pregnancy TENs machine hire?
I'm getting very confussed looking online!
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  • It doesn't answer your question but I bought a TENS machine 2nd hand on ebay and bought new electrodes from Amazon and it actually worked out cheaper than hiring. Also, I didn't have to worry about getting it returned on time once the baby came, it was ready weeks in advance if he'd come early, I've been able to lend it to friends since then and I still have the option of re-using it if there was another baby or selling it on ebay to get most of my money back.
  • adonis
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    There is a Tens machine in Lidl on the 30th of sept, I don't know if it is suitable for pregnancy though.
  • I bought mine with a baby event in Boots and bought extra electrodes from amazon for second birth. Worked out cheaper than hiring for first birth alone!

    ETA also the resale price n ebay tends to be good if you wanted to then sell on
  • When I went into labour with my DS last year, the midwife led unit I was meant to have him gave me one to use, they had several there, and since they only have 2-3 women there at the time it was ok for me to use it (helped tremendously during the 36 hour labour). Where are you planning to have your baby? It might be worth seeing if they have them on site for you to use so you don't have to pay for hiring one for weeks beforehand. If not, I agree with buying one, I have noticed some on local facebook selling sites selling for about £5, you would need new electrodes but still cheaper than hiring one. That's what I'm looking to do for DS2 due in November. :)
    Laura x
  • Don't hire - buy & plan to lend or sell on. Works out cheaper, less stressful and it's there for future babies, stinking backache, any time you want pain relief without pills.
    Check replacement electrodes are easily available for your chosen make & model before you buy!
    All the best!
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    I bought mine second hand. I let about 6 friends borrow it ( just replacing the electrodes) then sold it on for my original purchase price.
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    I've decided just to hire one from online, its cheaper in the short term, not got the cash to buy one then sell it on :o
    The midwife unit had non left to hire and I will be giving birth at the hospital maternity ward due to complications.
    thanks for all the advivce :)
    Debt free date 23rd march 2009 🥳Autism is my super power 🏳️🌈 🌈✨
  • I was expecting to be able to borrow one from midwives as i had for first baby but they did not lend them then. Midwife suggested hiring one from local Boots, cheap and hassle free* - would recommend but not sure if they still hire them out (*apart from bots being refurbished and a slight panic when no one knew which box they were in but all sorted staff very helpful)
  • Make-it-3
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    I bought on ebay and re-sold. Although I have to say a TENS machine did nothing for me.
    We Made-it-3 on 28/01/11 with birth of our gorgeous DD.
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    Make-it-3 wrote: »
    I bought on ebay and re-sold. Although I have to say a TENS machine did nothing for me.

    I did not realise just how much of a difference it made until I tried it at the level I reached when not in labour!
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