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Hi signed up to a local jack and jill market as I've loads of baby toddler items all over the house..Anyone had a stall any hints or tips...not sure what sells or how to price items..a stall is £25 so need to sell a bit before make profit hope it's busy...worth doing??


  • I've been to the one in Glasgow before and it was busy but I never bought anything. Was just browsing really! There's also The Baby Booty markets, don't know if stalls are cheaper there?
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    Make sure stuff is clean - I see too many stained clothes and the state of some toys is appalling. A lot of our clothes over about age 1 won't be going into sales because they get too badly stained. Textile recycling for them!

    Make stuff cheap - all too often I see items advertised at only a little under a supermarket own-brand. Usually that scuppers a sale.

    If it's cheap enough and in good nick, it will probably sell. If a buyer starts wondering whether it is a good deal, they will probably walk away.

    I suppose some people price higher and don't mind if it takes a few rounds to get things sold. When we do it, we want the space back and will be pricing to sell as much as we can as quickly as we can!
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    I've done a jack and Jill sale and go to them quite frequently. Have everything clearly priced, do it the night before, not on the day. Bundles sell well and people seem to love a 50p or £1 box.
    I do think £25 cost is quite high but they usually get 500+ people through the door so the potential is there to make some money back.
    Price sensibly, I won't even look at stalls with silly prices ie £4 for next jeans, I would rarely pay more than £1.50 for any item of clothing and think most folk are the same
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