Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 15th September 2013

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the Weekly Spend Challenge. This challenge is open to anybody, no matter what financial place they are in.

On this thread please post an amount of money you wish to stay below within the week (Sunday to end of working day on Friday). This can be pennies or thousands it depends on the individual. Then next Saturday report back and pledge for the following week. The challenge runs from Sunday to Friday so we don't include Saturdays but feel free to change the rules to suit you and include Saturdays or start on a different day.

Feel free to update this thread with daily spends if that keeps you on track. We colour code the results as below:

Green - within budget
Red - over budget
Purple - zero spend
Orange - made money over the week

This is a little bit of fun but for many it highlights the fact that maybe that magazine/chocolate bar isn't needed. Hopefully your spending habits can be changed forever.

Moozie was the founder of this challenge and here is a quote taken from her:

Originally Posted by Moozie:
"Good afternoon lovely DFWs Now for anyone looking in, please feel free to join - the more the merrier! Basically, decide on the amount you want to spend up to from Sunday until the end of the working day on Friday then pledge it here and off we go! The challenge is about incidental spending and not for stuff that should be budgeted elsewhere such as bills, groceries, debt repayment etc but you decide what to include at the end - this is about changing your habits and improving your recording of your spends more than anything else. Have a great week everyone and keep it low!!! Moozie x"

Good Luck Everyone

W/C 8th September 2013 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £40 / £37.60
Splodgethefirst - £10 / £10.48
Flyinggiraffe - £15 / £55
CasperTheFriendlyGhost - £5 / £3.40
MissE001 - £40
Shazzer22 - £25 / RED
Tinkermcjingles - £30
GreenButterfly - £10
ShootForTheMoon - £15 / £0

W/C 15th September 2013 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £10
CasperTheFriendlyGhost - £5
Flyinggiraffe - £130
Splodgethefirst - £5
ShootForTheMoon - £5
Tinkermcjingles -
Exharris - £30
Munchin - £40
Chesterroo - £20
AbbylouE1 - £10
Shazzer22 - £40
SPC 14 Target £200 /
Debt: £11850


  • Morning everyone

    Well I have no plans for the week other than music group with the little man which is already paid for.

    So setting a budget of £10 as I really need to curb my spending, if I get invited to anything I'll try and steer it to coffee at one of our houses rather than out for lunch/ coffee. :D
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • Hi ETO, thanks for the new thread.

    I was unfortunately red last week with £10.48 spend. Amusingly i just found £1 on the floor en route back from the gym! won't count one against the other though.

    Going to allow myself £5 between Sunday and Friday (end of work) and then we'll probably be going out friday night but hope to have my yougov money by then!!!

    Hope you have a good week :)
  • exharrisexharris Forumite
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    Morning everyone,

    Have been away on holiday and been off budget recently. Even got into a little bit more debt :( One step forwards, two steps back! However, I am back on it now.

    I'd like to pledge to spend £30 this week.

    I am doing grocery shop today (Sat), and petrol is already budgeted for.

    So, I think my spending plan is :-

    Sun - NSD
    Mon - NSD
    Tue - NSD
    Wed - Curry out with friends £10.00
    Thu - NSD
    Fri - coffee & meeting sub £5.00

    This leaves a contingency of £15 for any unforeseen spends!

    Thanks. Will be posting progress back here routinely.

    Have a great weekend people!
  • MunchinMunchin Forumite
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    Hi ETO,

    I would like to start again this week:). I think I will go with a budget of £40.

    Plans -
    Sun - NSD
    Mon - £25 for niece's b'day present.
    Tues- NSD
    Wed - NSD
    Thurs - NSD
    Fri - £10 take out

  • ShootForTheMoonShootForTheMoon Forumite
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    Hi Everyone! Thanks ETO for the new thread!

    Had a great week last week - was PURPLE thanks to a 7 day stretch in work!!

    In again for this week, no spends forecast really, and it's my Birthday on Wednesday, so hoping to be treated!! yay!!

    This week is going to be a £5 maximum for me!!

    Good luck everyone!! xxx
    "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul"
  • Welcome back Munchin and exharris. :wave:

    Congratulations on the purple week ShootForTheMoon. :T

    Hi there Splodge. :wave:

    First post updated to here.
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • anyone else having issues updating their signature? I wanted to change it to show I am almost 75% through to my goal! :)

    I have spent all of my £5 today ... on a chocolate chip malt loaf and BOGOF 8 cans of coke - which means i should be stocked up until next Sunday - just got to be good and NSD until Friday!
  • Hi, a newbie here but I can join? I have £20 in my purse and will be made up if I use that and nothing else this week. So can my target be £20. :T
  • Afternoon everyone :)

    Thanks for the new shiny thread ETO! What is this purple week that has been mentioned - I don't think I will ever get the hang of this challenge!

    Well, I am calling last week RED at £55/15

    Went to ziziis and bought a new handbag before the gig (still really good live!)

    For next week I would like to pledge a bit more than usual:
    Monday: £40 colour and cut
    Tuesday: £20 DVD and pizza night and feeling the need for wine
    Wednesday: £5 quiz
    Friday: £5 breakfast
    Saturday: £60 taxi, meal and drinks on night out for friends birthday (a bit one so have been trying to save to enjoy a meal at a celebrity chefs restaurant)

    That brings me to £130 for next week :o

    I really hope to be under this, but I have been saving for this big weekend for a few months (my £2 jar is coming in handy!) so going to enjoy.
  • chesterroo wrote: »
    Hi, a newbie here but I can join? I have £20 in my purse and will be made up if I use that and nothing else this week. So can my target be £20. :T

    Welcome aboard, Chesterroo! I find this challenge hard, but it does make me really decide if I want to spend that money or not! :)
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