Non stick saucepans

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I need to replace my saucepans and wondered if anyone can recommend a set that are durable non stick and won't cost me the earth?


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    Sorry, I've had various brands of non stick, normal, expensive, none seem to be that durable.x
  • If you get a decent mid range non stick pan you can't go wrong, Tefal or the likes. In general the problems you get with non stick pans are due to the user. You "CANNOT" let "ANY" metal utensils near them... Full Stop !!! You "SHOULDN'T" put them in the dishwasher no matter what they claim !!! You must only clean them with a Non Abrasive cleaner and/or scouring pad. Once the surface gets scratched, that's it !!!

    In general Non stick pans are great but they must be treated carefully or they won't last....
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    Ok Tefal is a brand I'll look for - does it work for scrambled egg too?!
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    I second Tefal. I've had some for years and have always put them in the dishwasher. The outsides look terrible but the non-stick is still good. I think Meyer pans from Debenhams are also good - after lots of shopping around that's what I bought when I needed more and have been pleased with them so far (2-3 years I think). Nothing has ever stuck to them but I'm not what you'd call an adventurous cook. Wait for them to be on sale.
  • Trazy wrote: »

    And Coca Cola is bad for you and new 3D mammograms expose you to 3 times more radiation. Funny you can't see the reports without disclosing your e-mail address and they seem to sell a load of carp on the site too....

    Counter quote from Food Additives and Contaminants Journal

    "A study published in the journal Food Additives and Contaminants tested 26 nonstick cookware products under extreme conditions to find out if any toxic chemicals were released. The study concluded that cooking with the products did not release any chemicals.
    Still, fumes released when you overheat nonstick cookware can make you feel sick. Although these fumes are not PFOA and are not linked to cancer, they can cause temporary flulike symptoms in people and may be fatal to pet birds. The symptoms in people are known as "polymer fume fever."
  • I only have one non stick pan for frying eggs, as yes, the material used to coat non stick pans is carcinogenic. Safe when intact, but as soon as the material is compromised then the risks do increase. Also I have a friend who keeps birds who has been advised that cooking with non stick pans can kill them, and this is very well known amongst birders and vets (cooking at high temperatures mainly but she won't take any risks).

    I have just regular aluminium or stainless steel pans, and find them great. I've had them years and they look as good as new. The metal scourers are amazing for cleaning them, even when I burn stuff!

    I don't find non stick to be very long lasting, so I'd go with a good set of metal saucepans.
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