Plantation Asset Management Palm Oil

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Plantation Asset Management Palm Oil

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Investors in Plantation Asset Management's Palm Oil project in Sierra Leone should ask some searching questions about the role of Renwick Haddow and Marcia Hargous in this project.

Both are linked to The Capital Organisation, Capital Alternatives and Capital Secretarial. All three companies AND Haddow and Hargous are due to appear in court in October 2013 in a case brought by the FCA for operating illegal schemes relating to two projects in Sierra Leone.

The schemes have taken in more than £20 million of investors money and paid commissions to salesmen of between 25% to 50% (this was revealed in court in July 2013). This is not the first time they have attracted the attention of the FCA. Previous businesses have collapsed owing investors millions of pounds.

Who are the directors of Plantation Asset Management ? Who are the shareholders ? Who are the directors of West African Palm Oil (the management company) ? Who are the shareholders ? Who ultimately controls these companies ?

The palm oil project brochure, like the brochures produced by the African Land Ltd rice project and the Reforestation Projects Ltd carbon credit project are full of false claims, inflated market values and misrepresentations. These companies are being prosecuted and, if existing investors have their way, Plantation Asset Management will be next. Ask to visit the company office of Plantation Asset Management and you will find that it is a serviced address. Don't be tricked into meeting them at the Capital Alternatives office.

People at the centre of the hard-sell techniques working for Capital Alternatives are relocating to Dubai out of the reach of the FCA. Watch out for salespeople like [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM], [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM], (text removed by MSE Forum Team). They all have a history of selling these dodgy projects and have all been paid high commissions. Watch out for Marcia Hargous and Renwick Haddow's involvement too - Hargous collects the money and NEVER provides investors with any information on where their money went. She is an integral part of this fr**d.

Capital Alternatives has its own thread on MSE. Check it out.


  • I have asked these questions and NO replies.
    Did see a recent change of directors - Maybe the one who resigned new something was afoot!
  • I saw a rice paddy option that used organic sea shells as fertilizer.

    Probably have more success if they could use their sales pitch instead.

    Anyone that puts money into unregulated investments is asking for trouble unless they have control.
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    The rice paddy people are African Land Ltd. They are also defendants in the court case due to be heard in October along with the directors of the company, (text removed by MSE Forum Team).

    The new director of Plantation Asset Management Ltd is (text removed by MSE Forum Team). Check this guy out - he has a history of involvement with Renwick Haddow and that history isn't one that makes profits for investors.
  • Yes and he seems to be a director or their wheat project in Australia too - another web? and not much production.
  • I am surprised investors are not chasing Plantation Asset Management for their end of year payments. Does this mean payments have been received by some investors?
  • Can someone tell me how I can access the latest information on Capital Alternatives and Plantation Asset Management.

    I invested life savings in June 2013 and have had no return and nor advise as to what to do.
    I am unable to see any forum information after September 2013.
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  • All investors in Plantation Asset Management's Palm Oil s... need to contact the FCA and the SFO and Action Fraud etc so it keeps the Company on their radar and they don't forget us.

    There are lots of investors and we need to put our heads above the parapet. The money has gone into a few peoples off shore accounts and the only way to get it back without spending loads more is to encourage the authorities to do it for us.

    Better to see these people squirm than sit back and let them get away scot free.

    The people who got us to invest in thin air are laughing all the way to the bank - We need to push the authorities to get them!!

    PAM is obviously misspelling - Please find me one investor who has received a 1p return
  • planteriaplanteria
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    agreed, passingcloud. getting the authorities to pursue those involved has to be the way. good luck with it.
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    2 weeks ago I visited Capital Offices in Old Broad Street by the Bank of England. Never got past receptionist who said everyone was out/ busy and telephone Natalie on 02075628347. left a message and never got a response.
    Subsequently I filed a very detailed report with Action Fraud and have had no response.

    How can these people still have an office in London?
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