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Crafty Bargain of the Day!

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The_Cre8torThe_Cre8tor Forumite
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edited 10 August 2013 at 10:03AM in Crafting
I've checked all the threads in our lovely new crafting forum and didn't find a thread which I could post this, so thought if I made a thread, perhaps we could all share the bargains we've come across, not just to share the joy but also pass on the details of where to buy the item in case the rest of us crafty folks were interested.

We maybe could share details of Sales; Special Offers; Gifts on magazines; Money off vouchers for craft stores; etc., or little bargains we've come across which might just be of use to someone else in their crafting.

I've just come home with a bargain which I'm filled with joy bubbles about, - so thought I'd share it in case anyone else might be interested in these too.

I dropped in to my local Store 21 and noticed some 'stickable gems' hanging on a display rack. When I checked them out I saw that they were meant to be for children to craft with, decorate their school books, or even stick on their bodies. There was no price on them so I checked with the lady on the till and to my surprise they were just 50p a pack. :smiley:

Being a newbie I sadly can't post a photograph of the packs I bought (wish I could) - so I'll try to describe them as best as possible:

They aren't 'loose' gems, they're all affixed to a strip of tape which you can peel off and then stick onto paper, card, or whatever your project is.

They had different 'patterns'. Some were arranged in a scallop shape; some were a scroll shape. Others were small, laid on their sides 'S' shapes and there were a couple of other patterns too.

They're in a long see through packet with the gems all stuck to their tape, which is stuck on acetate (for easy removal), with a strip of black paper behind them so that you can clearly see the gems and the pattern that they're arranged in.

They're called: 'Krystal Art'.

In length each gem strip is just under 12" - so they'd work brilliantly on 12 x 12 papers for scrapbooking. But you could cut them down to whatever size you need for your project.

They're available in purple, lavender, pink, blue and clear gems.

At only 50p a pack they're an absolute bargain! They're worth a look at if you like to use gems in your card making, scrapbooking or any other crafting.
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  • pateroopateroo Forumite
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    Fab idea for a thread!! Can't wait to see people's finds
  • susan42susan42 Forumite
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    Thanks for sharing, Ive been on the look out for these and will take a look
    Challenge 2018 - Learn by heart the Book by Wayne Morgan on Amazon - Betfair Football Trading as it helps to supplement my small income :beer:
  • Also keep an eye out in the £1 shops and The Works for great bargains!!
  • pateroopateroo Forumite
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    If anyone is near/planning a visit to Llandudno there are two fantasist craft clearance shops in the high street there x
  • Hanley25Hanley25 Forumite
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    Ooh I didn't know about those craft shops in Llandudno Pateroo. I'm in Wrexham and have just convinced my dh that he wants to take a drive up there over bank holiday weekend. Thanks. :)
    Savings Account - £0.00 :(

    Weight Loss - 33lbs lost 9lbs to go :)
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    BattybirdBattybird Forumite
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    pateroo wrote: »
    If anyone is near/planning a visit to Llandudno there are two fantasist craft clearance shops in the high street there x

    Please can you tell me what they sell?

    I might persuade Hubby we need a day out, (and act so utterly surprised when we come across these craft shops.) :D

    (Edited it to say I Googled and found photos and info on their facebook page. Looks a big shop. We're definately having a day out!)
  • pateroopateroo Forumite
    252 posts
    I would say they are mainly papercraft bed, but they seem to have a little bit of everything. I can't remember seeing any wools or fabric, but I daresay there will be somewhere else to find these. In fact there was a wool shop as well as my mum bought a few bits.
    If anyone knows of similar crafty clearance shops would love to know about them!
  • Normally I'm not a girl who uses too much Mirror Board in card making & scrapbooking - basically because there's a limited amount of times you can get away with a bit of it on cards or in scrapbooking, but ... that's about to change after an amazing offer on Create & Craft - and I thought I'd come and share it in case any of you have missed these fantastic coloured Mirror Board cards.

    They are in a whole rainbow of a variety of colours - starting from a deep, rich, dark, warm browny black through to a shimmering pearl white, and all the colours in between. Teal, Bronze, Wine, Pearly gold, Violet, Opal Green, Lime Green, Navy Blud, Marine Blue, Purple, Orange, ... oh, and more colours than I can remember.

    You get a selection of 100 sheets of Mirror Board (yes you read that right - ONE HUNDRED sheets) for just £16.99 or £15.29 if you're a Create & Craft club member. There are four different options to buy, each of which has a different selection of colours, and each pack contains 10 pages of each colour - so you won't run out quickly of your favourite colour.

    I haven't been able to beat this price (and I tried - oh how I tried!). Normally I've paid about £4 for a pack of ten sheets, which made each sheet 40p a sheet. If you're a Create & Craft club member, then (including the p&p of 2.99) each of the 100 sheet packs works out as being just 0.1848p so less than 19p a sheet.

    I ordered the 'Dark' selection of colours after reading the reviews of this card - which said great things about it, including how wonderful the results were after going through a die cutting machine. (And it was this which I was interested in more than anything else, as I've had some rubbish results with Mirror Board after die cutting it!)

    Not certain if I would be breaking the forum rules here by posting a link to the page on the C&C website which has the various selections of the packs of Mirror board, so rather than upset the apple-cart - if you want to go and take a look for yourself then just visit the C&C website and search for: Creata Mirror Board. You'll get a few selections of various things, so you'll have to look for the packs of 100 sheets - but they are there.

    My bargain of the day!
    Remember: however thin you slice something, there are always two sides to everything.
  • What a fab thread :-).

    My bargain of the day was some vintage style lace at 22p metre and some Mr &mrs ribbon ( which I had seen on ebay and almost bought at over £1/metre) for 50p a metre to complete a wedding present I'm making. I cant link to the website I'm afraid as I'm a newbie but I bought it from a company called Scratchy Cat Crafts which was recommended to me by another MSE. Definitely worth a look on their website as they seem to have a wide range of items . You should be able to find the website if you google them I would think.

    Pateroo I'm working out how to persuade OH that we need to visit Llandudno on bank holiday Monday :-)
  • pateroopateroo Forumite
    252 posts
    Haha! I'm trying to figure out if I can justify another trip on payday!!:o) I'm doing a craft and gift fair tomorrow so if I do we'll I'll treat myself :o) if you have a look on my blog you can see some pics of the bargains I got. A quick tip though....they have two shops a couple of units away from each other-if you're paying by card and its less than £10 they charge you 40p so ask to have stuff taken to other shop before you pay.....that was 8sheets of card I missed out on having to pay that that twice :o) x
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