Nursing Chairs

Hi all,

I am not due until November but am putting the nursery together, and was wondering on peoples thoughts on nursing/glider chairs for essential or not......good ones/bad ones....

Many thanks!:)


  • bylromarha
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    I had one. Bought it off ebay in 2004 - no brand remembered.

    It was okay - nice and relaxing during night feeds for me, though a bit too relaxing as it was hard staying awake rocking back and forth.

    What I will say about mine was that the arms were too high and I had to beware baby's head bashing.

    Loads of friends used a Poang from Ikea.

    If baby is going in their own room at an early age then I'd get one. if baby is staying in your room until 6 months (current advise, though we didn't as we couldn't sleep with baby in the room at all) then you can do night feeds in bed.

    But you do need somewhere to sit and feed - whether you buy a specific chair or not to do that depends on what you already have in the house.
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  • I_try
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    I got an ikea poang chair from ebay as a nursing chair. It was great as it could rock gently but had no sliding parts that can trap little fingers when they are a bit bigger.

    I did need to get a little step to rest my feet up on which is now used as the step to the sink for her. I also placed a cushion under whichever arm she was resting on to prop it up to the right height. Perfect and far cheaper than nursing chairs :-)
  • Icey77
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    I got mine from eBay and I love it, DD (17 mths) has her milk before bed on my lap as I talk about our day. I found it great for rocking when trying to get her back to sleep at earlier points, as she got bigger she got heavier and my back would start to ache after a while!

    Not essential but I wouldn't be without mine :)
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  • sujac
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    Another vote for the Ikea chair!
  • AM84
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    I was just on Little Devils Direct site because they have a competition at the moment and they seemed to have some really nice ones but don't know what they are like personally. Seem like they would be comfy chairs though! I just found out I'm pregnant again so I'm on the hunt. Let me know if you find anything nice :)
  • We have a nursing chair, which I love, but found it no good for feeding (down to arm height mainly I think). Instead we put an ikea poang chair in the baby's room and that worked really well.
  • mogwai
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    I got one for feeding, the tutti bambini nursing chair glider chair, it feels lovely and is very comfy but to be honest ive used it for feeding a handful of times and now it is a very expensive babygro or towel holder lol

    most of the time i feed baby in bed in front of the tv, or on the sofa..
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  • meritaten
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    The Victorians made lovely nursing chairs. fairly low seat and no arms (why do so-called nursing chairs these days have arms? they get in the way!).
    best places to look are auction houses/sites and antique shops. you can still pick them up fairly cheaply!
    Personally I wouldn't bother unless you think you are going to feed in the nursery a lot!
    I found the sofa and our bed extremely comfortable for nursing!
  • If you're keeping the baby in with you to start with, why don't you wait and see how they are at night first?
    Lots of babies sleep through by six months so if you get a baby like that you prob won't need one, I've have those pesky non sleeping baby types though and found a nursing chair a godsend! We've got the ikea one too.
  • Lola888
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    I didn't bother, I just fed in bed or on the sofa in front of the TV. I actually have two poang chairs in my living room, but prefer the squishy sofa :)
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