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Can anyone help? Friends have kindly lent us a Maxi-cosi cabriofix car seat but the back support foam wedge is missing. Does anyone have any ideas on where to get a replacement? Of, if they have, could they measure it so I could have a piece of foam cut? Tried and failed to buy one on eBay thanks to a dodgy seller.

Baby is due on Thursday so any help would be great!


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    Your best bet is Ebay, or gumtree, or pre-loved. I don't know if they are sold individually but they'll cost a bomb if they do.

    Sorry I can't be more help. I'd probably avoid doing a DiY jobby though.
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    I misplaced the newborn wedge on my britax car seat (later found it again) and people suggested asking on freecycle (as it's the sort of thing people take out when it's outgrown and then just don't use again), or asking somewhere like Halfords if they've got one they've taken out of the display models that you could do a deal to buy?
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    If you can't find one, I'm quite happy to measure mine for you. Best probably to PM your email so I can send a pic with the dimensions. I would say probably don't DIY any part of the car seat, but it is just a bit of foam, I don't think it's inherent to the safety of the design.
  • Sorry lazywife, i've been stopped from replying with another pm a second time until 60 minutes is up...
  • I damaged a polystyrene piece of my Britax one taking the covers off to wash it. I rang Britax and they sent me one out for free. It's worth contacting them direct, even if they charge at least you know you're getting the safest piece of kit you can. Good luck.
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