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Want a cat but no cat flap... :(

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martin2345ukmartin2345uk Forumite
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So having recently moved into our first house, I really wanted a cat, as I've put it off until now having lived only it flats where I didn't think a cat would be as happy..

Problem is there's no cat flap, and the back door is a kind of UPVC double patio door type thing, that you couldn't put a cat flap in...

I certainly don't want to get a cat if I couldn't give it the kind of lifestyle it would like, so my question is, does anyone have a cat but no flap (oo er) and if so how do you manage?

Thanks :o


  • krlyrkrlyr Forumite
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    How about an indoor cat? Personally, I think they're much safer, and you can offer supervised outside time in a secured garden or run.

    If that doesn't quite sit well with you, you could specifically look for a cat that needs to be an indoor cat, e.g. one with FIV or another health condition making it unsuitable to live outside.
  • Arachne_2Arachne_2 Forumite
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    I've been slave to my boy for 16 years, ground floor flat and no catflap here.

    He's getting on a bit now and hardly goes out, but what I've always done is let him in and out of the kitchen window or French doors when he asks, if I'm in I leave the kitchen window open for him. :)
  • Battleaxe44Battleaxe44 Forumite
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    Yes you can put a cat flap in this type of door, just takes a bit of DIY to do it, We have three cats and a cat flap that needs a disk on the cat's collars to open it. We use the locking type flap to keep out cats that want to adopt us. The Hobbit cut into the bottom half of the door and installed the cat flap

    You can also keep you cat in the house if you don't want it to be an outoor cat.

    You could build you indoor cat a Catio.. I am serious look this up on the internet, then you r cat can have the best of both worlds.
  • DimeyDimey Forumite
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    I've had lots of cats and never had a cat flap.
    You just teach them to miaow when they want to go in and out. They usually sit by the door miaowing and you let them in/out.

    When I go out they just stay indoors and they have a litter tray to use if required.
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  • Southend1Southend1 Forumite
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    I have the same kind of glass/upvc patio doors and no flap, I just let my cat in/out as and when he wants. Generally he stays out all day when I am at work, unless it's very cold.

    My parents have a cat flap. One of their cats won't use it at all and the other one only uses it for going out and won't use it to come in!
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    ian103ian103 Forumite
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    we have a flap operated by the cats microchip (its programmed to his ID chip) - its fantastic as he keeps losing collars and he doesn't need one with this type of flap. It also means we don't get all of the neighbors cats in our house.

    before the flap was fitted the cat would meow by the door or bang on the window / door until he was let in.
  • Jojo_the_TightfistedJojo_the_Tightfisted Forumite
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    Dimey wrote: »
    I've had lots of cats and never had a cat flap.
    You just teach them to miaow when they want to go in and out. They usually sit by the door miaowing and you let them in/out.

    When I go out they just stay indoors and they have a litter tray to use if required.

    You mean they learn that pathetic maooooooooowwwwww from somewhere? I thought it was genetic :)

    OP, you open the door or open the window, just as everybody would have done before cat flaps were sold. Or you replace the bottom door panel (if it's a rental, get permission) with a panel with a cat flap installed. Or put it through a wall instead.

    Have never had a cat flap anywhere I've lived - and, tbh, they can be a source of stress for the cat, as you can get intruding moggies robbing their crunchies.
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    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • Nada666Nada666 Forumite
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  • CarerCarer Forumite
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    6 cats, no cat flap.

    They use windows if open. Ninja cat uses the upstairs ones and has worked out a great route involving trellis, porch and window sill, amazing to see him do it! If no window open they wait by the doors.
    Ninja cat has trained me nicely by coming up behind me if i'm on the computer and patting me on the arm until I get up and let him out...
    I am a well trained cat slave :rotfl:
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    iammumtooneiammumtoone Forumite
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    No cat flap here either. My cat just asks to be let in or out and we have never had any issues, actually he is sitting looking at me now through the window waiting to come in. There are too many cats around this way to have a flap they would all be in the house :(

    I have a fully glazed door in the kitchen and you can even get flaps made to fit them. Its expensive as you have to pay for the glass to have a hole cut in it but it can be done as I remember enquiring about it.

    One thing I would mention if you don't have a flap is to make sure the cat has access to somewhere dry outside. I have an old rabbit hutch with the front modified (mesh taken out and board put up leaving a a space so he can jump in) he gets in there if it rains and I am out.
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