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  • Turn your central heating thermostat down by one degree ... you're unlikely to notice the difference in the heat, but you'll notice the difference on the bill (apparently!)

  • Find out if you have a local food co-operative (not the shop) or make your own! Find a group of people that will all chip in a certain amount to buy certain things (fruit & veg / dried foods ) then you can buy in bulk and split it all between you. Some areas - in particular Cumbria and Newham in London - have fresh fruit and veg schemes set up that are 'not for profit'.

    Also find out if you have a local Credit Union, if you join the scheme and save for a certain amount of weeks you become eligable for VERY low interest loans - also you can borrow very smal amounts such as £50. Again they are run on a 'not for profit' basis.

    Both are fantastic schemes that are run by the community for the benefit of the community!
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Ensure that your current tax code is correct or you could be paying more tax than is necessary. You could check this at the Inland Revenue website

    Here is a link to a tax code checker.

    Use money off coupons, online and offline, save the money off, don't spend it.

    Go for quality, against quantity when it comes to clothing/footwear.

    Check house insurance, ensure you're not over/underinsured.

    Keep a price book of grocery items. See this link for details -

    Carboot or Ebay unwanted possessions.

    Take in a lodger.

    Reconcile your cheque account.

    Check D/Ds etc, sometimes utility acs etc can have large credits on them.

    Become vegetarian, or at least cut down meat intake.
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    Make some pin money doing online surveys, like at Ciao and Brainjuicer.

    I'm not sure how I got on their mailing list, or the website adds, (maybe someone else can help?) but I've a few pounds waiting to be redeemed from them after doing a handful or two of quick surveys.

    Doing onliine surveys is a great way to make extra cash. You can also earn shopping vouchers too. There are also lots of other ways to "up your earnings", including reviewing websites, mystery shopping, product testing, focus groups, writing reviews to name but a few.

    (At the risk of plugging my own site, please feel free to click on the link in my signature for links to the best survey sites, etc. Although there are some referral links, the majority of the site is referral free and is totally ad/banner free and complies with mse's rule of no referral links on the homepage.)
  • Visit markets at about 3.30/4pm when they are packing up - that's when you get the real fruit and veg bargains.

    Learn to cook and cook in bulk. Ready meals and not only bad for you but they are expensive.

    AVOID THE SHOPS! Trawling around on a Saturday with the crowds makes you believe that like them you should be shopping.

    Use the library. Why buy the Money Diet when you can borrow it for free? Ours also has a great range of DVDs and videos that are cheaper to borrow than Blockbusters.
  • Shop around for the best petrol prices ... you don't necessarily have to drive round aimlessly to find the best deal, just take note of the petrol stations on your route to work etc. Our local Shell garage always seems to be 2-3 p per litre cheaper than everywhere else (Tesco is usually quite good too) - okay, you might only save £1 each time you fill up, but every little helps ...

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    Dilute your milk - sounds mad, but I make two pints of milk for every pint I buy - it saves many pennies and means I can afford to buy organic milk which is twice the price of a normal pint.
    I buy semi-skimmed or whole milk and then have a 1 pint milk container and dilute half milk with half water.
    NB. dont do this if you are using milk as a cooking ingrediant. Its fine for use in tea, on cereal etc and it doesnt taste any different.
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    If you want to hire one of those steam cleaners for your carpets do so on Easter Saturday for a 24 hire. As DIYstores are closed on Easter Sunday you dont have to bring it back until Easter Monday and you will therefore get a full weekend hire for the price of a day hire.

    This works on Christmas Eve as well if you want to spend Christmas Day cleaning your carpets.
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  • Never go shopping when you're hungry, go after you've eaten, you'll buy a lot less and only what you need, I'm speaking from experience !!!
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    Keep your old perfume bottles in your drawers. That way the will always smell fresh.
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