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    boxercrazy wrote:
    to follow on from this msg if you go on the AA web site (auto not alcohol!) you can put in your post code and find the cheapest petrol around, saves driving around

    Just had a look on the AA website but could only find general UK petrol price reports. Could you say where on the page the link is please. Thanks.
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    Check out local catering colleges in the area. Quite a few have restaurants attached where you can have dinner or tea at a cheap price compared to a normal restaurant.

    2 I know of are Courtfield House in Blackpool (I worked there for a day), and I am sure there is one at North Area College in Stockport somewhere.

    "Establishment: L'Ecole Bistro - Bistro

    Address: North Area College, Buckingham Road, Heaton Moor, SK4 1RA"
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    Use or to identify special offers at your local supermarket. Stock up on non perishables and plan a few meals around the discounted foods available. Don't buy more perishables than you can use in the time available and don't buy something you won't use just because it's on offer.

    If your credit card debt is smaller than your monthly disposable income then pay it off in full each month (to avoid paying interest) and use the same card for the rest of the month's expenses, attempting to ensure you get put back slightly less than what was on the card when you cleared it.

    Whenever it is cheaper to buy your intended purchase online then remember to check whether you can get cashback from sites like Rpoints and GreasyPalm. Check the Madaboutbargains site for discount codes/vouchers too.
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    I'm pretty sure that the AA no longer offer this service as they couldn't afford to
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    billieboy wrote:
    Just had a look on the AA website but could only find general UK petrol price reports. Could you say where on the page the link is please. Thanks.

    I don't think the AA offer local petrol pricing anymore, it was too expensive for them
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    The most important thing I suggest is that people get a decent calendar. Keep it in a prominent place (mine is in kitchen). Put everything on it - even that the library books have to go back - don't want any overdue charges. Make sure it has enough space for everyone in the house to keep up with their bills etc. too. I write everything on mine and then add on where in the filing box I have put the paperwork. Saves lots of hassle and nothing gets put away and forgotten or overdue!
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    Find alternatives to going out - save that money you would have spent on a meal out / night's partying / Cinema trip with a range of alternatives:

    Cook a romantic meal for 2.
    Have friends round - you cook a big chili / spag bol etc, they bring the booze, arrange silly games / board games etc - you'd be surprised how much fun this is, and how popular this might become.
    Alternatively, try a proper grown up dinner party.
    Or recreate teenage sleepovers / house parties - have a theme.
    Rediscover board games.
    Host a party (eg Ann Summers, Tupperware etc)
    Use the Orange 2 for 1 wednesday night at the cinema.
    Register with for 'assignments' to see new films for free and get paid!
    Learn massage together ;)
    Have a swap party - everyone brings things they no longer use / need - books, clothes, CDs, DVDs etc - and swap!

    I'm sure there are millions of things you can think of - the idea is to be entertained without spending so much.
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    Hi Murtle, What do you mean by recycling potatoes in a pot and snowballing debts?
    How agreeable it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards
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    1. Use free/opensource software on your PC. It is free, and usually just as good as its costly equivalent
    2. Check PC Magazine coverdisks rather than buying software
    3. Put your PC on Hibernate rather than Standby
    4. Buy remanufactured ink cartriges rather than buying new.
    5. When buying a PC, don't buy a monitor, just reuse an old one
    6. Use 'economy' setings on appliances where possible
    7. Eat less
    8. Switch to cheapest phone/utitility providers
    9. Cut your own hair
    10. Only print things off when you know they are ready (or print off at work)
    11. Buy 'value' things rather than Top of the Range
    12. Try GreasyPalm & schemes
    13. Read 'The Money Diet' ***** Highly Recommended
  • Louis,

    do you have anymore info on, have you used them? there isnt much info on the website - sounds great though free films and getting paid
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