How much to move a boiler?

I know this is a 'piece of string' question but can anyone give me a rough price on moving a boiler?

It's currently situated in our kitchen, on the wall between the window and the patio doors. We want to build a conservatory so need to move the boiler as the bit that goes outside (flume?) would be going into the conservatory.

I would ideally like to move it just to the other side of the window, so about 4 foot to the left. There is already a hole in the wall as we've got an extractor fan thingy there.

Are we looking at serious cash??? We're on a really tight budget so want to move it cheaply as possible - but understand that we have to stick to the guidelines.

Thanks in advance,


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    moved mine from my kitchen into my airing cupboard cost £700..... not sure how much it helps but that included new pipe work and also part of a new flue. obviously bit further than you.........
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    Hi Poppet, the guidelines also include how near to an openable window the flue can be fitted, and so many feet above the ground., and well in the open so the burnt gases don't get back into the house.
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