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Bit of a random one…. But I’m thinking of getting in to arts and crafts but I’ve never done this before so I wouldn’t know where the best place is to get a good deal. Does anyone have any tips for a beginner who wants to create quality items to give as gifts to family yet without breaking the bank?



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    I would recommend starting with
    and search crafts tutorial. There are plenty of ideas. Or you may just spend your days looking at them all :)

    This is what we are doing to make a hanging mobile its free because its paper mache.

    The main thing about arts and crafts is that it is fun. There are so many different things to do, if one doesnt suit, something else will.
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    You might do better over on old style board. But to be honest, hundreds of things can be described as arts and or crafts, so you might need to refine what you want to do a bit. Also by the time you've set yourself up with equipment and practiced enough to produce things that are good enough quality to give to people, your outlay may be close to buying the gift anyway.
    I knit etc because I enjoy it and was taught by a relative no longer with us so it's a nice way to remember.
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    Lots of arty crafty stuff is going on on the Celebrations board as well. People have been making some beautiful stuff on there.
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    another fan of knitting - wool is cheap, it's pretty easy to pick up, there are some great you tube tutorials, loads of free patterns on Ravelry website, and it's a joy to give a hand made item to someone. It's also helping me stop biting my nails because my hands are busy, but that's another story!
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    I would clarify that when it comes to knitting/crochet some wool is cheap. There's lots of cheap acrylic out there but it can be an expensive hobby too if you want anything but the basic. In most cases it is cheaper to buy store-bought but with hand made you get the pleasure of making the item too.
    I certainly wouldn't say it was always a cheap hobby. is most awesome when it comes to fibre arts though, esp as a pattern resource and for checking out brands/other people's completed projects/reading reviews.
    Thank you to everyone who posts on the competitions boards. You all rock!
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    What type of arts and crafts do you want to do? or what do you want to make?

    I do lots of arts and crafts type of stuff and make a lot of my own gifts. It depends on what you do I find that material wise it is cheaper to make your own but if you factored in the making time, then it is definitely a lot cheaper to buy.

    I suggest a starting point would be to go to the library and look through the childrens arts and crafts books. Some of them have lovely easy things you can make.
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    I would get a prospectus from your local evening/adult learning centre.

    See if there's anything that interests you. I know my local one runs courses in many things from silversmithing to basket weaving. Course fees are higher than they used to be but this is the way many people start up in business or as craftsmen.
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    Do any of your friends already do a craft you like the look of? You could ask them for a quick lesson to see if you like it, before splashing out on lots of kit. Maybe make them a cake in payment for the lesson?
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    For cheap art supplies try pound shops or The Works. For ideas on what to make you could look in your local library. Children's art and craft books have some great ideas for beginners too. Some even have step by step instructions and lists of materials required. Hope this helps. :)
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