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The OS Doorstep - a helpful and supportive thread in these tough times

edited 21 June 2013 at 6:32PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • GreyQueenGreyQueen Forumite
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    fuddle wrote: »
    Sorry for confusing you all! Sorry about your post SQ :(

    GQ, you're going to have to tell me what donkey stoning is now. :p

    :eek: Mrs Fuddle! I am shocked, shocked. I thought it was a northern thing, but mebbe it was NW not NE.

    I was told about this by pals who are expatriate Lancastrians who are about 60-ish. It was already a bit old-fashioned in their childhood, sort of rubbing the donkeystone over the front step titivate it.

    Here's a Wiki

    There, never let it be said that I have not delved deeply into the Trivia Mines to fetch nuggets of randomness to the surface to share with y'all.
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    mardathamardatha Forumite
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    I didn't know the old thread had been closed! Ah just found it hasn't LOL!
    I don't know donkey stones but where I grew up everybody used red stuff on their doorsteps. My mum didn't though.
  • FairyPrincesskFairyPrincessk Forumite
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    Welcome Peony! Another lovely flower!

    Thanks for the new thread Fuddle! I like the new name AND the picture. Also, nice to see that the thread continues to have official endorsement. I wasn't in any doubt.:wink:

    Don't worry, Princess can be princess, I answer to everything. My name is somewhat related to what I do and I was once referred to as "that fairy woman." I took it as a compliment :D.

    Strawberry nets are up. I'm quite proud of my handiwork. Looking forward to the weekend. OH is cooking tonight. He hasn't done much this year since he's been so busy and so late home many nights but is excited to get back to it. He has chosen a rather expensive recipe--pancakes with asparagus, parma ham and hollandaise sauce. Fortunately the storecupboard will keep the cost down, but if he is planning to do more of this I may have to set a cap on his meal costings. Still, he is willing to have a go at hollandaise sauce, and this promises to be tasty, so I won't complain too much the once.

    On the laundry front, I second RAS. In my experience boys get more in the machine than mums anyway:rotfl:
  • FairyPrincesskFairyPrincessk Forumite
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    GQ, I've heard of donkey-stoning--I think it might be a NW thing. The article was interesting. Might ask MIL about it next time we see them. Lest I offend, she won't have been of a generation to do it herself, but might have seen her mum do it. Which brings me to a question--I was watching some old BBC programme set in Liverpool, if I remember correctly late 1920s/Early 1930s. Anyway, there was someone called a "Tally Man" who came through and chucked people out of their houses for overcrowding. MIL/FIL don't seem to know much about it, but I'm curious--would these have been social housing, and if not, by what authority could the city chuck people out? Not sure you'll know, but with your vast knowledge of donkey stoning, thought I'd ask.

    Also good news, our neighbour is alive and well. The neighbours on the other side say he's been gone for three weeks. They also wryly commented that this wasn't the first time people have come looking for him, so alls well I guess. At least we'll know not to worry about him.
  • tattycathtattycath Forumite
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    I miss the days when I'd get together with a neighbour/friend for a coffee and a 'put the world to rights' chat. I think I've only got together for a cuppa with an acquaintance once this year :eek:
    Now this bit makes me sound really sad but I only have acquaintances near where I live-no one who's really a friend, and I've lived here for quite a few years.
    Of course OL friends are great but RLF would be good too.
    Sorry, that makes me sound like a real saddo. :o
    Great new thread though, so thanks for that. :)
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    PopperwellPopperwell Forumite
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    New threademo26.gif
    And another person who has learnt what a Donkeystone isemo12.gifnot that I have ever heard of it before. I do know how important it was to have a clean doorstep and you'd see mainly women putting elbow grease into achieving one and I think they sometimes added some kind of blacking or cardinal(red colour I think)

    Now don't take this personallyemo31.gif but many here say they like info on health issues, food, vitamins, want to lose/maintain weight...found this free site today that you may like...I've bookmarked it myself

    3 Fat Chicks

    Found it because I asked a question on Google about grapes and the difference between green and red. Just eaten half a container of red grapes myself. Earlier salad about trying to stay healthy. And drank water...emo19.gif

    Not going to go out until Sunday...storing up energy and avoiding spending so I can do more at the food festival and creating space in the fridge/freezer.

    Finally there is sunshine, I do hope this a good sign for the weekend.

    I have three places I wish to visit again, not easy to get to without a car but they hold memories and I haven't seen for years...Richmond in Yorkshire, Raby Castle, Barnard Castle.
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  • mardathamardatha Forumite
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    Where I grew up the Tally Man was somebody who sold stuff on the never-never and came round to collect the money on a Fri night. Sometimes also called the Tick Man ! :)
  • greenbeegreenbee Forumite
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    RAS wrote: »
    Show the boy the machine and let him do it?:)

    That get's my vote too :D
  • bunbun2bunbun2 Forumite
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    fairyprincess the pancakes sound lovely. that's good news about your neighbour.

    tattycath i was thinking the same thing just today - i have lots of acquaintances but no friends. I had a really good friend (or so i thought - maybe she wasn't!) who moved away. I always seemed to be the one who kept in touch, remembered her boys' birthdays, etc. he has MS which I understand is hard but a phone call or email would have been nice. eventually I gave up which is a shame especially as she is my ds2's godmother. She even defriended me on facebook:( I had another friend who I met via MsE and she also defriended me on facebook and dumped me as friend. Oh dear that doesn't make me sound very good does it. I am a nice person...honestly.
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  • FairyPrincesskFairyPrincessk Forumite
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    mardatha wrote: »
    Where I grew up the Tally Man was somebody who sold stuff on the never-never and came round to collect the money on a Fri night. Sometimes also called the Tick Man ! :)

    That is what the inlaws said! They're native to the NW, so perhaps it was just a Liverpool thing.

    I think the pancakes will be lovely.

    It takes me a very, very long time to make close friends. I have one now in the UK. It was tough for a long time, and I think it will be tough again when she eventually moves on, as she has no long term plans to stay in the UK.
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