Why are people on the benefits forum so up themselves?

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    If there was a good faq, part of the problem would be solved because genuine posters would refer to that and inform themselves and many others would be confident to post their questions more appropriately. Whilst there is some harassment going on, that is not the fuller picture, many new comers seem to think that this is a haven for tricks and discussing fraudulent activities. It doesn't give a good image for mse. But somehow it is conveniently downplayed.

    Also may be the wording of the benefits forum title needs re-considering, giving some emphasis for "advice", that would remind those who wander in to intimidate others that it isn't the place for cross questioning and investigation of personality and morals. That forum also perhaps need some volunteers. So many goody goody samaritans around here but it seems like their only interest is to abuse those who they disagree with and call everyone benefit bashers - why not channel all those energies to educate yourself and inform and advise newbies and offer to volunteer for mse?
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