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sweet potatoes

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  • fincfinc Forumite
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    catowen wrote:
    I love sweet potatoes, i often cut them into large cubes, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast in the oven.
    Mmmm think I'll do this. I had it in my head to do a potato slice crust on the beef stew but I thought they'd be too mushy for this. I'll just do them on the side instead :T

    Thanks for the other ideas but I can't stand mashed anything. I decided when I was about 7 that it'd already been chewed :eek: and I've never been able to eat it since.
  • fincfinc Forumite
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    I mentioned on a thread a while ago that a local lunch takeaway place near my office (v. foodie bit of London, near Borough Market) sometimes does a baked sweet potato (in its skin) stuffed with spiced feta cheese. Not sure what spices :confused: but it's delicious. They serve it on a bed of rocket. Just wish they didn't charge £5 a time for it :(
    That sounds gorgeous. I've bought loads of them so I'll do this another day.
  • otterspasmotterspasm Forumite
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    Hi there,
    I love sweet potatoes and often make potato wedges with them just like with ordinary potatoes. Or I do half ordinary potatoes and half sweet potato wedges. Just slice into wedges, coat in oil and any spices you like (i like chilli powder/cumin/coriander/cajun spice any of those) and bake in oven. They seem to go particularly well with fried egg.....egg and chips! MMMmmmmmmmm!
    Tess x

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  • WendrieWendrie Forumite
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    You can mash them up with a bit of butter, cumin, garlic etc. and add a tin of black beans and use them to make vegetarian tortillas - dollup of sour cream and some salad. Yum!

    We eat a lot of sweet potatoes here too :)
  • pawpurrspawpurrs Forumite
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    My favourite ways with sweet potatoes are,
    Wedges done in the oven with some cayenne pepper. Mashed with olive oil and freshly grated ginger, its yummy even if you dont like regular mash. IN curry, i do lentil and sweet potato.

    If you wanted to incoporate it into beef, its nice grated on top, lower fat than mash and because the strands are so small it goes lovely and crispy, great with regular potatoes too.
    Pawpurrs x ;)
  • QueenieQueenie Forumite
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    Sweet potato wedges :drool: Yes, they do cook quicker and can go a bit "dry" if left too long :o

    Sweet potato jackets are also really scrummy.

    Rosti is also really lovely made with sweet potatoes.

    Some sweet potatoes are a gorgeous orangey coloured flesh but others are a pale creamy coloured flesh. The orangey flesh coloured ones I find to be more tender and slightly stringier than the pale flesh coloured ones.
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  • apple_mintapple_mint Forumite
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    I love them cubed and thrown in a roasting tray with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil ... roasted and served with something like salmon or a pork chop ..... yum
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  • ladygrey_2ladygrey_2 Forumite
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    I saw a lovely sounding recipe on here for sweet potatos a couple of weeks ago but can't find it now :(
  • fincfinc Forumite
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    Well I did the cubed and raosted thing with the beef stew and they were yummy. Only my 2 year old didn't eat them but he's a funny eater and doesn't count!

    Thanks for all your ideas, I'm trying the baked one with feta cheese next :drool:
  • savingstillsavingstill Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Hi there,
    otterspasm, your way with sweet pots looks delish! We like them as chips ( tossed in olive oil & baked), but I did a georgous sweet potato & leek soup for the family (DD2, 20yhas gone veggie). The receipe was in a glossie which I read in the library, it worked out quite expensive but I would do it again occasionally.
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