What's the best thing you've got on Freecycle?

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Hi guys

We're just updating our Freecycle guide and would love to hear people's Freecycle success stories.

What's best thing you've got? And if there's a nice story behind it, all the better :-)



  • Freecycle had it's 10 year anniversary recently and I have been part of groups for almost that long myself! There are also freecycle groups on facebook, but these aren't official. I tend to offer things on there more than take, but I once got some cat toys from a lady. We met in a public place and ended up chatting for a while. Now, several years later, we are still in contact :-) There tends to be a great feeling of community within freecycle groups I find, though there are always they odd few who forgot the ethics behind freecycle and just want something for nothing.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    i was offered first chance at a mercedes fsh estate car but oh thought we wouldn't be able to look after it!!! lol!!

    Also had lots of paving slabs large ones, a shed, mower and bike
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    sofas x 2, single bed, dinning table, toys, baby clothes
    books, coffee tables, cotbed, chest of drawers,
    televisions x 2, lamps, wall art, swinging crib,
    car seats x 2, graco travel system, large fridge
    and large freezer, computer desks x 2, large dvd cabnet

    when we first moved we basically kitted out the
    whole place from freecycle and when i fell pregnant
    we got most of the larger items from there too


    everyone i've met and got items from have all
    been lovely, i've put quite a few things on there too
    especially the baby items, no point keeping them in
    a loft when they could be of use now, there was a lady with
    twins round the corner from me, i used to give her all the
    baby clothes and things my daughter grew out of, was nice
    to know they were being worn and appreciated, i can imagine
    she went through alot of clothes lol

    you do get a few horrible people who beg for items and they're
    found on ebay a few hours later but i've not experienced it
    personally, nothing but good things to say for freecycle!


    worse i've come across is people demanding something and then
    getting arsey when you don't offer it to them and some people
    who forget manners completely, i just ignore them though

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    freezer was my biggest which was great as my bf was in a house share where 4 people had to share a half size freezer and once someone put a bag of chips and a bag of veg in it the freezer was full so he had his own freezer this way.

    the best recently was a baby bouncer looked almost new plus a load of new baby safety stuff to protect blind cords and corners which i gave to my parents for when my brother kid is born
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    Bit of an unusual one, but I got four huuuuge bags full of Nursing Standard magazines (each magazine is about £2 to buy). I'm starting a Nursing degree in September so they'll come in really useful, and it's something I'd never have been able to afford otherwise.
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    Xmas Saver!
    I got a buggy.... so lucky I saw it, thought nothing of it until the next morning on the school run when the wheel fell off my pram!!! We also got a chest of tools which have come in really handy with renovating our house....we gave quite a few away to a neighbour too.

    I've given a few baby bottles/breast pump on there.... but a lot of things get given to my sis in law and baby, or to friends.
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    This TV

    I was thinking of getting a bigger TV for the bedroom and a guy was giving this away. It's an old CRT style but its got amazing picture and sound, built in subwoofers, wireless surround sound, the lot! Cost him £1200 back in the day and it's built like a truck!
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    A 1970s Gottleib pinball machine - needed a service but now works perfectly.

    A huge thank you to all who post the comps and deals that make life so much fun!
  • Mine was definitely my fridge. Me and OH had just moved into our own place and were so skint we had no idea how we'd afford a fridge. There was someone giving one away the next day on freecycle and we were lucky to be told we were welcome to it.
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    Freecycle is a total waste of time you reply but items gone already however quick you are!
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