Do I need to buy a graduation gift?



  • lauren85
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    My mom brought for me a golden Chane and bracelet.
  • Mrs_Soup
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    I don't know that it is "normal" and certainly not required but always nice to have a gift. Some students I would imagine actually owe their parents a gift of thanks for supporting them (not just financially). If money is not abundant in your family you might want to save it for something mroe practical to help her as she gets a job eg furniture, help towards a car, new clothes for work etc. depends on what she will be doing next.
  • skogar
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    2 of my friends gave me a little soft toy wise owl. It won't have been expensive but it was a lovely idea.
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  • theEnd
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    I didn't really want to go to my graduation. Ended up having to pay for a load of tickets (stupidly expensive), some photos I really, really didn't want and a big meal (which was good).

    Fair enough as I had a very good job offer on the table, but I was totally skint at the time.
  • Voyager2002
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    You will spend enough on getting to the ceremony and paying for a nice meal afterwards. And most graduates will probably need to move to find work; probably find the money for a deposit on a new home; perhaps get hold of new clothes for work and somehow survive until they receive their first salary. So cash help is likely to be really appreciated.
  • PlymouthMaid
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    I didn't know that gifts for graduation was a thing. My daughter dipped out there then.
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  • Sammy_J
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    For my graduation, my parents got me a nice business card holder. When my fianc! graduated I got him a pair of cufflinks. Both are practical gifts that can be taken into the first step of the graduate's career and feel very special but don't have to be expensive.
  • As other have said I think a gift is really nice, as graduating is a big marker in someone's life.
    My parents bought me a ring (not on the day of graduation-they gave it to me later) I wear it all the time (now 12 years on) and always fondly remember how proud they said they were when they gave it to me.
    They also took me for a lovely meal and generally just made a big fuss of me on the day.
    Similarly when friends/cousins of mine have graduated I've always tried to make a bit of a fuss and get a small gift or card.
    I don't think you should spend anymore than you can afford and no-one should ever feel they have to get someone a gift (no matter the occasion) however a small gift is always lovely in order to congratulate someone.
  • Tiggy10
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    I graduated last year, a lot of my friends did get gifts like jewellery. My mum treated me to a nice meal. MIL got me a mortar board hat charm for a bracelet I already had. This was very kind but I wouldn't say necessary. :)
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  • nimbo
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    I got flowers from my mum. They were gorgeous. Although my partner dislikes the smell of Lilly's so he kept making me move them.

    When my mil saw them she went out and bought me some pretty bowls with bulbs.

    Neither was necessary but both were appreciated. I hope you've all had a lovely day.

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