Do I need to buy a graduation gift?

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Hi everyone, I would appreciate some advice please. My daughter graduates from university in July and I am wondering if it is normal to buy a gift? I remember when I graduated, I didn't receive any gifts/cards but I know times have changed.

Has anyone been in this situation recently?

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    When I graduated I got taken out (and treated to) a nice dinner in a restaurant with all the family and a card signed by everyone!

    It was more an excuse for everyone to get together than anything else (not that we're a big family).
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    When I graduated a few years ago my parents bought me a ring. They let me choose it and I really love it. I've never been one for jewellery but it's a lovely thing to have and it's probably the sort of thing I'll pass on if I ever have a daughter.

    If your daughter likes that sort of thing and you can afford it then I think that'd be a nice idea.

    Hope that helps.
  • hieveryone
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    I think it's completely up to you - only you know your situation.

    Has your daughter worked particularly hard to get herself a degree and done you proud? Is she the only member of your family to go to uni? Has she overcome a personal hurdle to complete her degree? Is she enthusiastic about her new career since getting her degree?

    My mum and dad took me and a friend out to a very nice meal and got me a little Build a Bear graduation teddy and a new diary for starting my new job.

    They also got me a Links of London charm (a little graduation hat) which, although I no longer wear, is still very special to me.

    Bought is to buy. Brought is to bring.
  • lika_86
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    I think a token at the very least would be normal. My mum bought me a graduation teddy bear (university hoody) and a new university hoody to replace the one I'd worn to death in my three years there.

    She also paid for basic furniture for my first flat (bed, sofa, chest of drawers) to set me up. Although she did say that was something she'd always had in mind (ie. a lump sum at the end) rather than subsidising my student lifestyle while I was at university.
  • Peanut2013
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    My parents bought me a lovely bracelet, but they said this was only because I truly worked my !!!! off to get my first.

    Maybe a nice meal to celebrate as a family?
  • lollipopsarah
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    My son is due to get this OU degree later this year and has mentioned (!) that if we wanted to get him a gift he would like a pocket watch.
    Phew at least I eon't need a hat!
  • Debrac
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    Thanks everyone for your brilliant responses! That puts my mind at rest. She has worked incredibly hard for her degree, as well as volunteering part time for a charity (to gain experience) and part time (paid) at BHS to subsidize her student loan. We are not a rich family so it's been a really hard slog for her as we couldn't help her financially as much as we would have liked. I'm going to start looking for a nice gift today - your ideas are brilliant :T

    She sat her final exam on Wednesday so has officially left and today has a meeting with the charity director to discuss a paid position with them so keep your fingers crossed for her :j

    Thanks again :)
  • Quackers1
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    My parents had helped me out throughout my years at Uni, I think they bought me a little teddy bear wearing a hood and gown. The day of my graduation was really overlooked because my Mum had only just come out of hospital so my Dad, brother and I went to my ceremony (fortunately it was quite local) and then hot-footed it back to see my Mum.
  • murie
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    My parents brought me a gold bangle when I graduated which was lovely. What about an engraved pen to use in her new (fingers crossed) job? We brought our son a waterman pen and had it engraved- cost about £80 and he uses it all the time at work.
    lovin' this site!
  • lika_86
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    You could maybe buy her a frame for her degree certificate (if she wants it framed), they usually have a stall on the day selling frames with university mounts.
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