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Real-life MMD: They put a flyer on my car – should I still use them?



  • XKC-Me
    XKC-Me Posts: 68 Forumite
    It's a very simple equation. You just need to work out which is larger:

    The negative value you place on flyering
    The positive saving they offer

    If you object to flyering more than you want the financial saving, then you don't use their services. If you object to flyering but not that much or you value the money greatly then you do use their services.

    The amount each person values the two things in the equation will differ from person to person, so you just have to decide where the balance is for you.
    I work in property law, but not for any user on this site. Boring but important: none of my posts are legal advice.
  • milvusvestal
    It may be tiresome removing flysheets, but remember that someone out there is really trying to make a living and beat competitors, rather than joining the queue at the local benefits office. They should be applauded, not criticised.

    By switching to a cheaper car wash, you're demonstrating your belief that other firms are overpricing. If everyone did that, prices for other goods and services would tumble.

    So go on, give them a try and, if you reckon they're value for money, tell them so, and your friends.
  • anniey
    anniey Posts: 11 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Get over it and get a life!! They are a local business keeping people in employment and providing a wanted service. On the other hand, you're probably one of those customers who examines the car at length and in minute detail, so maybe you'd be doing them a favour by not returning.
  • XKC-Me
    XKC-Me Posts: 68 Forumite
    I don't see how it's unreasonable to oppose flyering. It's an intrusive form of advertising and I hardly see who we are to tell others how to value different things in life. If the OP values their privacy more than I do then that's their decision, and simply telling them to start wanting the same things I do is unreasonable. The OP should consider all the factors and weigh up how much they value each one, then make a decision they are happy with.
    I work in property law, but not for any user on this site. Boring but important: none of my posts are legal advice.
  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Posts: 484 Forumite
    First Anniversary
    Is this really a dilemma? If you do not agree with it then do not use the service it may be sub standard anyway. Then on the other hand they may be brilliant and worth the switch to save you money.

    Just remember cheaper isn't always better!
  • happyinflorida
    You don't like flyers BUT you're interested in this offer and want to try it, so their advertising has worked!

    If it's a new business then it's an ideal way to start off - everyone starts some where, so you may want to encourage a new business and give them some business to help them.

    If you are 100% against flyers you could let them know this - ring them up but also suggest some other ways of getting their business known and that'll help them as if you don't let them know, they won't know why you've not gone to them.
  • Chrisandsarahs
    It's good to have morals, but they don't pay the bills. If you have a chance to save some money without compromising on quality use them.
    I hate adverts interupting my TV programmes, but if I see something I like I will still go to the shop/website with a view to buy.
  • patricia.emburey
    seriously??? these dilemmas are getting worse!
  • Laurer
    You could go to complain about it and maybe they'll give you a free car wash for it! Then they don't even get your money from their annoying ad campaign.
  • Augustus_the_Strong
    Just try the car washing service, and if you like it, when you collect the car, mention that you really don't like companies putting flyers under your wipers. It won't make any difference, but you'll have relieved your feelings and the car will be clean. I don't think it's something to make a major moral stand about.
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