Real-life MMD: They put a flyer on my car – should I still use them?

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Money Moral Dilemma: They put a flyer on my car – should I still use them?

I hate it when people put flyers on my car windscreen, especially when it's parked on my drive. It's not just an invasion of my space, the flyers get mushy in the rain and stick to the windscreen. However, one advertises a new local hand car-washing service, for far cheaper than I normally pay. Yet if I use it, I'm effectively rewarding them for behaviour I disagree with.

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  • If it is a proper car wash then by all means use it but point out to them that they should not be putting flyers on windscreens.

    You should NOT use them if they are a company that sets up on a site that does not have proper drainage that alows the waste water and detergents etc to go into the main sewerage system (or even drain into the water table) without having the dirt and chemicals filtered out or treated
  • I can't see the point of them.
    My car gets washed by me every 6 months whether it needs it or not!
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    The phrase 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' springs to mind. I'd just use them.

    With any luck, they'll do a rubbish job anyway, and you won't be going back, hence the dilemma is over!
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    I dislike it when people stick flyers under my windscreen wipers, how dare they touch my car. I wouldn't use them, If my car needs washing I wash it myself, although it generally only includes washing the windows so I can see out.
  • tombo wrote: »
    I can't see the point of them.
    My car gets washed by me every 6 months whether it needs it or not!

    6 MONTHS!!!!! To keep mine clean it needs washing almost daily! Its like the dirt is magnetised to the car. I've never known a car to be so bad!

    Just try them. If you use them or not they're still going to go out putting flyers out. At least if you go there you can tell them you don't like the way they're advertising. If they didn't leave you a flyer you wouldn't know about them so you wouldn't be saving money
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    Whilst I understand the draw of the cheap car-wash, it is cheaper to do it yourself and don't forget, the windscreen now needs cleaning due to the mess the flyer left.

    Flyers on cars is a real bug-bear for me too as it just creates littering in the streets and I also feel like my privacy has been invaded when people come onto my drive to then lift my windscreen wiper and stuff an advert I don't want on my car to go soggy and mushy. Why can't they just put the flyer through the door, at least that way I can put a clean dry piece of paper into recycling?

    Ironically, the biggest offenders usually seem to be cleaning companies. I have been tempted to book a job for them to clean up the street (for free of course) but realise this is just lowering myself to their level.
  • The flyer part of the dilemma is up to you. You could perhaps use them and neglect to mention that it was because of their flyer - or you could use the flyer to galvanise you to go to one of their competitors.

    As far as the unlicensed local hand car wash goes, however, I have a big problem with these guys who set themselves up on the cheap and avoid spending any money on environmental protection.

    It is against the law to wash cars commercially without the proper drain traps to avoid both detergent and road-dirt run off and these people you see on small lots or carparks are therefore operating illegally. Unfortunately, the Environment Agency and Trading Standards, while agreeing they are illegal, think it is too much trouble to take action against them. I may be maligning them here, but as most of them are also foreigners, I doubt that they are paying tax or NI either.
  • I don't see that getting flyers under your windscreen wipers is any different to getting unwanted flyers through the letterbox - annoying but you surely can't really be serious about this being a dilemma - can you?
    Bin it and forget it and find something worthwhile to get worked up about!
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    Call them to complain about the mess their flyer made of your windscreen.

    If they have any idea about customer service, they'll offer a free clean to keep you happy and persuade you to go to them as a paying customer in future.

    If they don't give a damn about customer service, then don't give them your business.

    Principles are all very well and good if you can afford them, but it's not always just about price.
  • Doesn't seem much of a dilemma to me. If you want to try them out, call them. They are, after all, simply advertising their services. Nothing illegal, and nothing immoral. The fact that they've drawn themselves to your attention merely shows that this form of advertising works. It's no big deal.
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