Help...................paying too much but cant prove it!

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For 18 months now I have been asking my Severn Trent my local water supplier to sort out my bills.

In 2010 my daughter and grandson who had been living with me for 10 years moved out, also a leak I had for months I had fixed. My bill was the same as when the family lived with me and I had the bill. I queried this and have been doing so eversince. I have had ST officals to my house on a dozen occasions. They have all said someone who lives on their own, in a one toilet, 3 bedroom house shouldnt be paying £60 a month. My family some who have 5 people living with them do not pay this much. My sister who lives on her own but has two bathrooms only pays £20 a month.

On the first and consecutive visits the water was turned on to check the water was running and then turned off and no water was being used.

I cannot read the meter myself as it is too far down and I cant see it. On the first two visits the above was carried out, the meter read, with difficulty by the ST officals. On the second occasion the offical told me what it was and told me to write it down then said he had got it wrong. On the third visit the ST offical said he couldnt read it I needed a new meter, which they did.

So it goes on, on the last two visits they checked a few neighbours homes when the water was turned off on the road, but not everyone was in. They were supposed to be doing a monthly check but they havent.

I want to turn the water off for a week and check the water myself. Am I in my rights to get them to move the meter higher so it can be read properly?

They have issued court proceedings on a few occasions but I have managed to get it stopped.

The stress is awful. I dont flush the toilet very often, I dont use the bath but use the shower. I do put the washer on once a day in the morning on the economy 30 minute wash. I dont have hot water as it broke 2 years ago and I havent been able to get it fixed yet. I just boil the kettle, the shower hot water still works.

It is impossible that I am using more water than a family of 5 but I cant get anyone to help me. Severn Trent have tried and always send someone round but its always the same outcome!


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