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    I think we've only ever had one complaint .
    Really? How ungrateful
  • I did my 1st proper party last year for my 3 year old and it cost me £30 :)

    We held it at home in the garden (nicely timed summer birthday) it was pirate themed, we played:
    - pass the parcel with a £1.99 pirate book prize in the middle and a sweet in each layer so everyone got something (big bag of wrapped sweets from poundland)
    -we did a fishing game using the paddling pool filled with water, fishing nets and pirate ships made from yogurt pots with a cotton sail on a stick blue tacked in the bottom (looked a lot better than it may sound). This was hugely popular!!! Child won a sweet for fishing out a boat. (This one cost me nothing but a bit of time, could be done in by filling the bath if outdoors is not an option)
    - Treasure hunt round the garden. The clues were photos of places/things round the garden, at that place there was another photo and I ended it in the sandpit. I made a treasure chest (any kind of box would do) and put the party bags inside as the treasure. Another hit with the kids!!

    Food was buffet style, probably the bulk of my cost.

    I planned party bags way ahead of time to make the most of offers and got most from ebay - eye patch, temporary tatoo, I printed my own maps that they could colour in and rolled them up into a scroll tied with a piece of ribbon, 10p bag of harribo. The actual bags I got from ebay too and they worked out as 2p each they were paper candy stirrped bags which I stamped a skull and crossbone onto. Total cost was 50p per bag :)

    Everyone had a great time and it didn't break the bank - result!:o
  • This year turning 4 we are doing a fancy dress party, again at home and hopefully in the garden.

    -Hook a duck. I bought a bag of 5 ducks from poundland and some hooks for 60p from my local hardware which I have srewed into the top. A garden cane cut in half and painted with a larger hook in for fishing out.
    - Pin the tail on the donkey. I have drawn and painted this myself but you can always make use of clipart if youre not arty.
    - Musical statues/bumps.

    For prizes I am filling a box with sheddings and wrapping up small items to hide inside (lucky dip style) glittler pots 10 from 99p store, and funky animal pencils with animal eraser ends 6 for 20p tesco sale.

    Buffet food again.

    Party bags- fake moustash 6 from poundland, glow in dark fangs 7p each from tesco (this was at halloween, Im always on the look out for bagins so stashed these away as it was such a bargin!!) and a spy ID card each wich Ive made up myself with the childs photo on. Harribo 10p bag of sweets again and paper candy stripped bag 2p from ebay.
  • Recently did a party for a 4-year old. Got a load of paper bags and the kids coloured them in to make their own party bags. Had games with small bags of sweeties or pink sparkly plastic magic wands (4-year-old girls, what do you expect?!) for prizes then an indoor picnic on a blanket on the living-room floor. Would have had it in the park if the weather was better but after tea they still had fun playing in the back yard. You can get little packs of pencils/crayons/stickers from poundshops for prizes or party bags pretty cheap. Some people do make-your-own crowns or pirate hats which occupies time and doesn't cost much. We also did home-made ice lollies which went down better than the birthday cake!
  • Have done various things over the years as my 2 girls like to try different parties to their friends. At home we have done various crafting parties, the best probably being a deco patch one. Ordered each girl a black animal, chopped up the paper into colours beforehand. Cheaper than the kts and no need for party bag beyond cake. They were about 8 yrs then. 10 yr old had a treasure trail party. Bought guide from website for walk around town here then used vouchers for pizza express. Did a murder mystery one and was considered to be very cool much to my surprise. 12 yr old had cup cake decorating party at home with 6 cakes each. Went well.
    Another thing I've found is that kids will happily eat a proper meal if timing is right and eat more than if just party rubbish. Have done roast chicken dinner and lasagne meal. Lucky for me my kitchen able can squeeze 10 round it. Also more traditionally hot dogs work well.
    Also hate party bag plastic tat so have done books, proper chocolate bar etc. We have also played a type of pass the parcel prize game. Buy a gift for each child but one must be terrible. Wrap them all and put in centre of circle. Each person takes it in turns to throw a dice. If it is even no then take a parcel until everyone has one.nif that means you could get 2 then you must just swap with one in middle. When everyone has one you get to unwrap it with an even no or swap it with an odd no. When all unwrapped set a secret timer. Continue to go round throwing dice. You choose what nos mean must swap pressie. When buzzer sounds that's it. You need a terrible one to keep them swapping and for fun of it. This alo works well with secret Santa gifts at Xmas do.
  • I have used the bag as the gift eg socks, plant pot etc.
    Also decorate a simple sponge cake with plastic toys your child likes. E.g dalmation dogs, little mermaid. The birthday child gets an extra gift to remind them of the party.
    Party bags are expensive use pastel coloured food bags or cellophane ones from lakeland
    If you are playing games try not to let anyone "be out" They soon get bored.
    Team games are always popular.
    For older teens I have used murder mystery games. Try the ones which involve role playing and simple dressing up rather than the boxes. free form games are great fun but take a bit of organising
  • We have found that Saturday morning pictures makes a great party and at only about £2 per child excellent value for money. We have also followed with Pizza Express (can use Tesco vouchers) or pizza hut is also a good option.
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    My son has a birthday in December and we were pretty limited as to what to do - indoor play cost a fortune and a trip to the cinema wasn't cheap either! Not to mention booking something like this depends so much on other parents letting you know whether or not they are actually going to attend as it still costs silly amounts!!
    Enough said, we decided to book our local leisure centre for a swimming party and it was a bargain! It cost around £40 for us to hire the pool with inflatables for 2 hours and we got the room for a tea party later too. This allowed 24 children to swim although our biggest problem was getting parents to actually get in the water with them!! It does depend on your local leisure centre's policies about how many can attend etc but this was by far the best bargain party we arranged.
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    I'm always amazed at how much fun kids have with simple things like balloons, bubbles and streamers. If you hunt around, especially if its a week day or not in June/July you can often hire a bouncy castle from around £30. Buy a face paint kit or tattoos, have a castle and some balloon and kids will have fun.

    Those with kids of 'children party' age, do you have a million and one book people books as everywhere I go on the Internet people always advice buying the sets of book people books instead of party bags!
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  • When my sons were each in about year 1 at primary school they had their birthday parties at the local fire station!! The fire brigade offer this for free as long as they can include a fire safety talk ... and who's going to complain about that?! The children got to climb in a fire engine, look round the station, and best of all squirt the hose at the end!

    I just contacted the station at least 2 weeks before the party to arrange a date, then everyone turned up on the day. For some reason a lot of the mums didn't mind hanging around while the firemen were there ... ;-)
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