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  • Thanks Funkymum you deserve it! Sorry you missed out!
  • Mrs_T_5Mrs_T_5 Forumite
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    funkymum - an excellent find - hope the £50 is some consolation for you missing out yourself!!
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    Another vote for funkymum. I missed this but it was a truely fabulous offer.
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I vote for Funkymum. Don't know if my order will be honoured, but a lot of people have benefited (whilst poor Funkymum missed out!) so I think she should get the £50.
  • AllyAlly Forumite
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    Another vote for FunkyMum from me. Brilliant post, even though I missed out, I’m more gutted that FunkyMum missed out and never got to benefit from the offer. :( She really deserves the £50 as she has saved many MSE a lot of money.
    I can say whatever I like here ... 'cos no one can see me .. ner ner ner ner ner !!!....

    How do you know I ain't sitting here butt naked?!?!

    I thunk I've made you think for a minute!
    :j :rotfl: :j
  • LozLoz Forumite
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    My vote also goes to Funkymum. Well deserved and like everyone before has already said a big shame she herself didn't benefit from the offer. As she was the one who received the original email hopefully she may be able to argue it out with Boots tomorrow morning. Good luck!
  • catch22catch22 Forumite
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    My vote goes to Funkymum. Didn't manage to take advantage but it just goes to show the beauty of this site.
  • flossie_2flossie_2 Forumite
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    I also vote for Funkymum. I missed this by about 10 minutes, but great for those who benefited - sorry you missed it Funkymum, but great post.
  • jocoo26jocoo26 Forumite
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    I too vote for Funkymum, I got a great bargain on a camera, just feel so guilty that she didnt benefit from her post. Really deserves the £50.
  • GraniteMumGraniteMum Forumite
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    Great post, made a huge difference to my budget this month - pity I could not afford to take it to its limit, but I saved a lot on some necessary stuff as well as some extras.
    Sorry to hear Funkymum missed out, hope she wins this instead.
    She slashed every one of us
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