OODAL'S New Mortgage and the need to pay it off

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    Just bought a couple of thing's today including a light bulb, they are so expensive!! anyway hopefully it will pay us back by being low wattage! so under £6.00 spent and 3p road kill yay! into the pot it went, still desperately trying to save for hollibobs next year just £900 to save eak!!

    Have made a lentil cottage pie this afternoon which will be good for tonight's dinner and DH can take left over for his lunch on Monday, It made quite a lot so the other half of the lentil mix in the tiny freezer for next week when the DS is not home as he dislikes lentils bless him, pleased I have finally found a use for the lentils as I bought them for use in a recipe last year and never used them, and they even moved house with us :rotfl:

    Washing on Airer and heating only been on for 2 hours today:j
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • £12.41 spend today for food, have decided to keep a check of it on here because me just popping to Tosco express in the week soon mounts up!
    Looking forward to pay day Friday and will also check the electric and gas used for this month as been told by the supplier they can not give us proper usage amount till we have been here 12 months!! crazy but will just keep an eye on it ourselves!
    New water meter was fitted Wednesday and we have used a unit already which in my reckoning will be 2 a week so 8 a month, so need to keep an eye on this one too!

    Wrapped a few more Christmas presents so that prying eyes don't see, not so many hiding places in this house!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • 42.58 op yesterday! and 200 in holibob savings after hols, more to put on hollibobs want to achieve 1000 overpayment next year
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • £11.28 op on mortgage not a lot but need to save for hoolibobs! after April will be doing more OP.

    Christmas nearly left here, just need to do tree!

    budgets for Jan

    FOOD £200
    PETROL £150
    MISC £100

    Hoping to keep in budget, anything left will go in overpayment pot! All other money accounted for, could do with earning a little so off to do survey's!
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  • gosh it's ben an age since I posted, I obviously lurk to much!

    Been op like mad and had a bit of a windfall so mortgage now stands at 57980 pretty pleased as managed to reduce term from July 2029 to Nov 2024. YAY!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • Catch up time- Overpaying regularly now £200 a month with a few extra's thrown in here and there, pleased with this as now reduced term to Dec 2023 and interest stands at 5.25 a day for last month! would like to reduce it down to March 2023 my 50th!!!
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