OODAL'S New Mortgage and the need to pay it off

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Good Evening MSE land

I Have been reading and posting for a while but never started a diary apart from a paper one!

Myself and my DH have been working to be debt free and finally managed it last July.
The next thing to do was to buy our own place so with saving and some inheritance have got a big enough deposit to buy our Own place instead of renting, the Mortgage will be 82,500.

The reason i am starting this diary is to keep us out of anymore debt than our mortgage and to over pay our mortgage as much as possible.

So this is my journey to have a mortgage and to pay it off early.:T
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  • Well done you! Lots of luck for your future forever home xxx
    My Little Lightbulb Burning Bright - Free By Fifty Oct 2014 :eek:
    March '13 Debt £[STRIKE]3200[/STRIKE] Now £2977.72
    Savings Stash 1 NW £[STRIKE]264[/STRIKE] /£300 :)
    Savings Stash 2 CU £[STRIKE]120[/STRIKE]/£165 :)
    Sealed Pot ???? I want a big surprise :)
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    Thanks Mizztasia

    As the place we are moving too is smaller, Need to rid us of some furniture.

    Started this a few days ago and have already listed a few items on gumtree and ebay, 3 things have gone already yay!

    So today will today will sort out the mass pile ready for carbooting in a couple of weeks.

    Do a quick job for someone.(earns me a £5) Done

    Check Free Postcode lottery DONE

    Do a bit of swag bucking DONE

    Try not to put the heating on extra (don't want a massive bill when we leave here). only 2 extra hours

    Clean the oven as that will need to be sold too in a couple of weeks. :rotfl:nearly done!
    right onwards and upwards!
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    Oh wow - great news and well done you!! This place does get very addictive - all the best with your new home!!:j
  • Busy day so far

    4 more things listed on ebay.

    4 boxes sorted into two for loft for new house.

    mortgage papers arrived and read just need to send off solicitors paperwork!

    as well as my first list!

    determined not move stuff from here into the new house that we don't need and to make sure i sell as much of the stuff we don't need!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • Someone just came to pick up another item of furniture,so another £30 in the pot for moving! so must photograph more today to go on.

    The sun is shining HIP HIP HOORAY!
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  • Item sold on ebay woop woop! 3 more to go, fingers crossed!
    Oven finallly cleaned and around it and under it!!!

    Solicitors paperwork filled and ready to give them tuesday!

    Nice productive Sunday.
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • Surveyor has gone in fingers crossed all is well!

    £15.90 on ebay, three more things sold just awaiting payment

    swagbuck done.

    old sofa taken to tip

    carboot ready for sunday

    and a quick job for someone later should pay me £21

    one bill for solictor paid from sealed tin, not techinically what it was for but resealed the tin and very pleased £115 from it towards the solicitors bill!

    good day!
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  • surveyor report back and damp is reported and a note to say we should have it looked at, so have phoned a couple of company's for estimate's,will see what happens next!

    Had a bit of a day off sorting and ebaying wise and have been out for a cheapy lunch, it is DH birthday week and we are on holibobs so... don't feel too guilty!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • Mortgage offer sent back!

    and ebay item posted, still waiting for 2 people to pay,Come on people!

    Cinema today with vouchers so three of us for £11.10.

    Two old bank accounts closed and £1.74 interest from one, :)

    Back to sorting tomorrow, hoping the weather will be warm for a carboot on sunday!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • Went to see the house again yesterday and realised that it is smaller than i remembered so more furniture to go and then flat pack to buy:(

    1 more ebay parcel sent, 1 more person to pay and 4 more items put on gumtree and also spoke to one of the neighbours last evening and they might want to buy our wardrobes.

    Onwards and upwards........
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

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