OODAL'S New Mortgage and the need to pay it off

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  • ellay25 wrote: »
    £59 is a fab amount to add to the pot - keep it up and be motivated!

    Thank you, sometimes it all gets a bit much,

    Well we have requested for the people to reduce the price of the property due to the damp so fingers crossed!

    Sold two more items so £15 in the pot! yay!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • and another piece of furniture!

    and a reply saying they will reduce the price of the the property yay! so we are on the move just a few weeks for completion :)
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • well another piece of furniture gone and when they put it in the van it broke, through their manhandling, wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry!

    so another £79.00 to the pot
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • exchanging contracts today, fingers crossed!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • Well I am back been off the MSE wagon for a couple of months but back today, and determined! just been to open an account for hollibobs from the sealed jar which is rarely sealed so opened an account to keep it safer so £30.50 in yay!
    overpayments will start for Mortgage will start 1st August

    And back on here so will keep me motivated!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • £30.54 first over payment along with first mortgage payment! feels good to op even if it is only £30.54 yay
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • finally finally got round to putting some stuff on ebay, seemed to have lost my selling Mojo!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • busy couple of months and managed to over pay mortgage by £42.80, so going to do stoptober! need to stop spending!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • Well it's been a couple of months that I have wrote anything, been reading and wishing!

    Been unable to Make an OP this month yet on the mortgage but....just realised that CHB goes in on Monday so could use £42.80 of that and use the rest on Aqua cc as this ends in Jan and want to up my cash back as only on £30 at the mo!

    Most Christmas presents and food and drink bought, Just a bit to go out of Decembers money, Pleased with that but usually more organised but with buying the house in June concentrated on that and selling stuff rather than buying presents, next year I will do better.

    Been using up the wrapping paper I got for 8p a role 2 years ago and also have not needed to buy Christmas card as bought those last year in the sale.

    Need to get back on doing surveys but since the new role at work feel rather to tired in an evening, any way onwards and upwards!
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

  • 42.58 op today to go in Monday so I don't forget and don't spend it!
    Just worked out paid 7.60 a day of interest last month like to get this down so need to more Over paying!

    also ordered 12 bottles of wine that should of been 10.00 a bottle for 3.32 a bottle with a voucher yay, Christmas and New Year and hopefully Jan sorted sure it won't last that long though!;)
    Having a Consumer Holiday 2015:A

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